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Best Conservative Social Media Platforms Reviews

Are you disgusted by our media, even Fox News? Join me as I branch out to news and social media sources that actually care about you and our country.

Best conservative political social media platform reviews help patriots find friendly, online places that won’t censor us. Let’s be honest and stop playing the fool, admit to ourselves that big tech is not going to change.

Pull the plug on “so-called” cable TV journalism. It’s not worth your time.

Parler is one of the best conservative-friendly social media websites.

Parler is an unbiased social platform focused on open dialogue and user engagement. We allow free speech and do not censor ideas, political parties, or ideologies. We protect your privacy and will never sell your personal data. frontpage 8-12-2020

Parler News!

The app for the Parler site is now #1 in both the Apple and Google Stores! Podcast Host Don Bongino is an investor in this site, and

11-13-2020 – is now experiencing unprecedented signup requests. A sure sign the Second American Revolution (SAR) has started, but we’re going to need patience while Parler catches up!

A NEW, massive patriotic media infrastructure is going to take some time. But, with today’s new technologies it should take as long as we think.

For now, it seems new accounts can be added, but if problems, their support people are too swamped to help. No support timeframes are given.

In the meantime, put stake your patriotic flag in the ground, and don’t join websites that only claim they are non-biased. Because sooner than later, they will ban you. has one principal moderation rule: regardless of whether’s administrators, outside activist pressure groups, “cancel culture” Internet mobs, foreign governments, or any other persons agree with any user’s political viewpoints, any user’s political speech that is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution will be allowed on the site. 

About Gab

Review coming

Politically Conservative Youtube Channels

Name and LinkNotes
NewsMax TVNews for conservatives
Sky News AustraliaYes, Australia!
Judicial WatchUseful patriot worker
HD VisionStreet fighting action
Red Eagle PollingMost accurate polling
Gateway PunditLatest shocking news
And We KnowWell done show
Joe RoganFair, huge following
Tim PooleAnalysis, Liberal leaning
The information from just these people is far more interesting, and less biased.

An interesting way to discover even more conservative channels and websites is to enjoy some of the blogs (40 in total) on this site, as they are loaded with links to conservative channels and websites.

Election News: I’m feeling pretty sick about the networks calling Joe Biden the winner. And, I’m now driven more than ever to eliminate big tech and mainstream media from my life!

Realize that Google has spent trillions figuring out how to make their services your drug or habit. And so, be patient twiddling down your time on big tech websites, for it’ll take time to control this habit.

So you know, I admit to being a Youtube addict, but I already feel better about myself, and more entertained and better informed, with political news from these other platforms. After switching, I don’t feel deprived of anything, for there is an excess of websites, not viewers, and so we’re in control, not the big guys.

And, please don’t forget to share this site because is nothing without your help.

Be patient with these new conservative websites. For, they need to attract many viewers to become a profitable business. Therefore they opened up their content to other opinions and articles in addition to politics.

FAQs – Best Social Media Reviews

Should I keep my big tech search and social media accounts open?

The ideal answer is no, but I do keep Facebook as a place to store photos and videos. I check in about 3 times per year.

Whose side is Fox News on?

Incredibly, Fox News has some extremely pro-Trump hosts in the evenings, with hostile ones in the day. Unfortunately, especially recently, their biased reporting and ridicule of “Stop the Steal” guests are all too apparent. And so, there is no choice for conservatives but a clean break from Fox News.

What is social media?

Social media is a website dressed up to enable users to chat among themselves or leave a comment about something. Examples of large social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Replacing Google Facebook Twitter and Google with Conservative-Friendly Websites

The culture of global communism permeates big tech, and they are not going to become patriotic anytime soon. And so, it’s time to stop kidding ourselves, and build new social media and search engines for ourselves.

We all need to immediately move our social networking time to true, conservative-friendly websites. With this in mind, I offer advice and links to the best conservative social media networks, so we can talk to each other to figure out what to do without getting censored or canceled.

More that You Need to Know

I only review conservative-friendly websites that are owned and operated by 100% conservatives. Others who are not strong in their language always eventually expose themselves by hiring radical left moderators.

I’m sure you already know about the treachery of Google, Facebook, and Twitter. And so you know, as an example of trickery, after over 1,000 articles, I was recently canceled by the supposedly neutral

So, don’t waste your time entering data on the big, radical left sites! For, once you do, they own it! And, can cancel you too at any time!

Insist on knowing the purpose and politics of a website owner, and even then, know they may sell it one day to the global communists, as the fantastically disappointing Drudge Report did a few years ago.

Frankly, I’m out of answers, other than a circle of smaller patriot sites like this one. So, please bookmark me if you want to come back.


I kick myself for not enjoying conservative social media sites sooner. For now, chatting is fun again, even for political matters.

At one time I kind of enjoyed the political banter with the “stuck in the mud” radical left on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc. But, I am tired of them and their “Community Guidelines,” and feel stupid for having put up with their online tyranny so long.

At one time, I thought some of them were at least neutral, but that’s not the case. Actually, there are only a few truly conservative-friendly! And, even they are subject to continuing scrutiny. So bookmark this page for future updates.

FYI, I am not part of any of these best-recommended websites and receive no affiliation fees.

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I write about American political realities just beyond the horizon. Recognized as one of the best opinion writers by the "Conservatives for Journalism" for 2019, my posts represent the age-old values of conservatives. And so, I turn heads by rejecting the mainstream media and big tech takeover as the real media. Conservatives have always been and remain the center of the political spectrum.