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Best Conservative Messenger Chat Reviews


Best conservative messenger chat reviews get you to the most comfortable yet stimulating chat. Going that extra mile, I include other essential factors, like an analysis of the likelihood of successful Cancel Culture attacks or sabotage by hidden globalist owners and the loyalty of their CEOs to American ideals.

This added information is vital because MAGA often rushes to whatever messenger app is most popular without looking into its technology and owner(s).

Since messenger chat services are so functionally alike, why not include these critical criteria in your selection process?

Table of Contents

Security and Privacy

Always be careful what you say online as if it were public info. And also, don’t trust anyone who says you can download your data before you delete your account (Facebook) because someone somewhere always has a copy.

Sorry, I don’t have a privacy solution. Click here to see why.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is a famous gathering ground for MAGA conspiracy theories and facts. I’ve warned MAGA for over two years that Russians own Telegram. Yet, MAGA patriots continue to read and comment on the most sensitive topics.

Nevertheless, it is the number one Conservative chat platform, even though the ideas of some of their groups are too extreme for me. Yet, many so-called “conspiracy theories” by some groups are now known as accurate.

Owners with ties to the World Economic Forum (WEF)

One owner, Paul Durov, is a contributor and member of the WEF! MAGA on Telegram Messenger is relying on the word of globalists for online privacy! How crazy is that?

While Telegram Messenger claims end-to-end encryption, who knows what happens inside their proprietary servers?

Gab Chat

I’ll tell you upfront that I use Gab, not Telegram, because I was concerned for personal privacy. I trust the owner and company because of who attacked his platform and how hard and creatively he fought back.

I especially like that afterward, Gab arose from the ashes more vital than ever. Thanks to Gab leading the way forward and MAGA supporting him when all seemed lost.

The winner is Gab Messenger Chat!

A Patriot-owned encrypted chat messaging platform built on its own distributed network

All messages in private rooms are encrypted on the user’s device and Gab’s backend storage servers. Even better, they are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Some would think it an unlikely pick! But it’s not! It’s one of many services from a strong patriot who has survived the “cancel culture.”

Furthermore, the Gab CEO has learned well and is now self-hosting. And the technology of his platform is quickly moving ahead in giant steps.

Why do chat messaging platforms seem so similar?

Popular messaging services look the same because they all use the same “hooks” to connect to open-source development environments. Those environments offer free and paid downloads based on these same “hooks.”

Gab Messenger has the same features as Telegram Messenger! But, Gab is owned and operated by a Christain conservative Patriot rather than a member of the Economic World Forum (Globalists).

Rejected Messenger Chat Apps

  • Signal – Too many left-wing champions. More info
  • Telegram – Owned by Russians expelled by Putin for being Globalists, Owners are now significant contributors to the World Economic Forum and members.

Some disqualified messenger chat platforms

There are many chat messenger apps that I reviewed but rejected. And I did so quickly because I immediately zeroed in on their technology, history, and owners. Because there is no sense in recommending messenger chat platforms destined for cancellation.

The most common reason for disqualification was their ties to globalist organizations. It’s incredible how many are out there!

It’s also amazing how easy it is to find this information.

Reasons for My Rejection of Signal

Signal Messenger received $50 million from WhatsApp’s co-founder, Brian Acton, after leaving Facebook in 2017 to start the non-profit Signal Foundation.

Mathew Rosenfeld, also known as Moxie Marlinspike, is another owner. Interestingly, he once worked for Yahoo!

He is also a co-author of the Signal Protocol encryption protocol called Whisper Systems. It was created by Signal developers but incorporated into WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

List of Suspicious Signal Messenger Champions

  • Edward Snowden is a renowned whistleblower and online security expert. So far, somehow, he lives in exile as a free man.
  • Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter. He censors conservatives. Why then is he championing his messenger competition, Signal?
  • Laura Poitras is an Oscar-winning filmmaker and journalist who made biographical films about Assange and Snowden. No doubt she has her security problems these days.
  • Bruce Schneier is a renowned security technologist. He says he wants to break up Big Tech. But the truth is that he gives speeches at Harvard University. A tough gig to book with such conservative goals.
  • Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and one of the world’s richest and most innovative people. Often, he warned conservatives about the sinister goals of the New World Order. And yet, he promotes Signal?

Reasons to reject Telegram Messenger.

Russians own Telegram Messenger. Before you say anything, you should know I have nothing against the Russian people.

I owned a communications technology company two decades ago; I had a Russian technician who was also a friend. You’re going to love his name, Igor.

Furthermore, I don’t even have anything against Putin. After all, he once expelled the Globalists from Russia. And all he wants is to put the Russian Empire together to create and keep enemies from crossing its border.

Besides, with almost a million users already using Telegram versus tens of millions of conservative Trump supporters waiting for a messenger app home, why mix the two?

Meet the Russian owners of Telegram Chat?

Nikolai and Pavel Durov founded Telegram Messenger in 2013. Previously, the two entrepreneurs started the Russian social media platform VK but were exiled to Saint Kitt’s Island by Putin for promoting Globalism. Saint Kitt’s is a small island in the West Indies under British control.

They are significant contributors and members of the World Economic Council and staunch Globalists.

Chat Pre-Requisites Qualification for Review

  • End-to-end strong encryption within the servers
  • It probably requires a blockchain server.
  • Self-hosting of their Domain Name on a distributed network that a proven Patriot owns

I never recommended Telegram Messenger–a favorite of Patriots because of its Russian ownership. I’m not necessarily against Putin and his modified democratic Russian Republic, but one never knows.

There are several others, like Signal and Whatsapp. I bet you already know about their owners.

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In searching for the best conservative messenger services, I found disturbing facts about the two I rejected, Signal and Telegram. I hope you’ll leave them pronto!

If I’m right, every day you enter more data, you prove their case to the communists that you are politically dangerous.

Please do your research. If you find, I am misleading you or wrong. By all means, let me know!