AZ Forensic Audit Guide

The details on what you should know.

AZ Forensic Audit Guide

This Arizona (AZ) Forensic Audit Guide for the 2020 election helps you follow what’s happening. Updated daily, with only the most consequential information.

See its hard-working volunteers slowly but steadily dwindle the number of remaining palettes of ballots. In a race against time, as the forces of evil try to shut it down.

Stay tuned to this blog as they are not about to votes in Maricopa County get counted accurately. Every day it’s something else!

Meanwhile, many are growing to appreciate the Republican leadership in the State Legislature. They knew what was coming and called for the audit anyway. They are true patriots!

About the Arizona (AZ) Forensic Audit

The idea for an Arizona (AZ) forensic audit resulted from a Rudy Giuliana meeting with its State Legislatures. This is where he and his team convinced them that the 2020 election counting was corrupt.

Since it was too late to decertify their Federal election results, the Legislature did the next best thing. They called for a forensic audit of the Mariposa County (Phoenix) ballots.

After clearing the legal hurdles and landmines, it finally happened.

Communists in their midst

The determination of Arizona voters to stage forensic audit increased dramatically with the accidental discovery of communists in their midst.

During the legal battles over a forensic audit, the entire Maricopa County Election Board, Governor Dulcy, and even a Republic member of the State Senate exposed themselves as communists. And so, with their political capital gone, they bring in the “big boys,” the Department of Justice!

The exposure of communists in their midst brought home to Arizona voters that something was indeed wrong!

The where and when of Arizona (AZ) audit

The Arizona Republican-controlled Senate State ordered a forensic audit conducted at the Arizona Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum beginning on April 23, 2021.

The physical ballot inspection and counting are scheduled for completion a month later. At the end of 6-weeks, a public report will be issued.

How the Democrats plan on shutting down the AZ forensic audit (Opinion)

The only thing for sure is that the Democrats are not done trying to end this audit. Not by a long shot!

With intelligence airplanes circling the coliseum apparently listening to phone conversations (on both ends), we can only imagine they are trying to label Republican audit workers as insurrectionists or domestic terrorists. And take their case to the Department of Justice and FBI to shut down the audit.

Everyone already knows what an uproar that would cause them. After all, the Democrats just can’t afford to lose their ability to rig election results under any circumstance! Because they’d lose every national and state election for generations.

On the other hand, maybe phone calls from workers are monitored by the Arizona Sheriff Department to make sure none are leaking election results to friends or the press. Our times are surely interesting and mysterious!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Could Maricopa County have substituted new ballots to fool the forensic audit? After all, they had the ballots for a long time!

If the audit was only counting votes, that’s possible. However, a forensic audit is difficult to fool.

If the Democrats get internet access to the voting machines, could they alter the forensic audit?

Not really because if that were to happen, there are many ways to internally check. Ways that were not possible during the election. For example, if the number of fake mail-in votes was reduced, then the overall total would not add up to the 2.1 million total expected.

Does the audit have good security?

The answer is yes! Everything is transparent, and yet there is security everywhere! Including 24-day security cameras and watchers within 6 feet.

Is the Arizona’s forensic audit worker force bipartisan?

They are mostly Republicans. The Democratic Party refused to cooperate and send workers. However, there are a few Democrats who broke rank and help out.

What are the legal grounds for the DOJ involvement in the audit?

First, the DOJ says they’ve “heard” they are not taking care of the ballots, especially giving a third-party “control” over them. And second, they accuse Ninja of harassing voters when simply asking them if they voted.

Live Streams from the AZ Forensic Audit

There are nine public, live-streaming cameras, each streaming 24 hours per day for public viewing — perfect for those who also like to watch paint dry! For this reason, a word of warning, if you stare at them for long periods, hoping to glean a gotta moment, you should seek professional help.

Note that the audit workers are purposely far away from the public cameras. Making discerning their identity difficult, especially when they wear a mask.

List of what you’re seeing in each of the 9 public cameras at the Arizona (AZ) forensic audit:

  • One – These are the areas where the internal logs of the voting machines are photocopied
  • Two – Best overview of ballot storage and the back of the floor. Notice the groups separated by t-shirt colors and job functions.
  • Three – Best view of the amount ballot boxes removed for counting so far, and yet to go.
  • Four – This view is another of the back of the floor.
  • Five – This is the overall view of the floor from the front. Notice the black table in front. Is this where workers check ballots against a voter registration database?
  • Six – The yellow t-shirts check the ballot alignment for fakes.
  • Seven – Closeup of camera 5 — Better view of where it looks like they are checking ballots against a database.
  • Eight – Also, some kind of signoff for distressed ballots from the tables.
  • Nine – A closeup of blue areas. Notice the large, open black box in the upper left. I believe it provides sufficient darkness for shining a blue light on the ballots to check for watermarks or microscopic printer company information.

Table of T-Shirt Colors

Showing more than a dash of organization, groups of workers assigned specific tasks to wear corresponding colored t-shirts. Matching the t-shirts, the tables equipped with rotating document tabletops called pods also color-coded.

OrangeAudit Observers
RedPrint an electronic ballot copy, then mark on a spreadsheet the votes for President and AZ Senator
BlueCheck the printed copy for creases. No creases or roller marks means ballot never mailed.
GreenCheck for legally printed ballots, watermarks with blue light.
YellowCheck actual ballots and mark on a spreadsheet the votes for President and AZ Senator
Black VestPod managers, administration, exceptions
Red or RoseAgents and observers for Democrat Katie Hobbs, Arizona Secretary of State. She is closely tied to George Soros’s foundations. Watch them closely. They hang around their own pink areas and interact with the black vests.
Please note that this information is a combination of what officials are saying and my best logic.

Update: 5-5-2021 It seems now that all the color groups have joined in checking to see if ballots are real and scanning them into a photo database. I guess they want to compare the raw photocopies with the ones they’re generating.

Note: We’re told, once the new photocopy in a computer, the comparison step takes only a day.

Explanation of what happens at the various tables (not including the colored pods).

My best educated guess what happens at the various tables. There are specialized management tables and common tables set up for the same purpose.

Specialized Management Tables

A small, two-person black covered table manned by black shirts is seen at the bottom-right in Camera 8. It’s for challenges or questions about a specific pod’s visual inspection results spreadsheet to get settled. At least once, I saw them ask and get a printout of specific audit rules. They read them carefully.

Meet the People Behind the AZ Forensic Audit

For example, one of many important people behind the audit is President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Guliani. After all, he and his team first presented the evidence of election fraud to Arizona’s State Legislature. As a result of his skill in presenting an easily understood case led to their realization that something was wrong with their 2020 election.

Just as important, the people of Arizona also saw the election fraud and provided the push to get the audit approved.

What follows are some of the public key figures leading the way.

Ken Bennet, Audit Director

Video Interview with Arizona, Forensic Audit Director, Ken Bennett on April 30th, 2021. Credit to by journalist Jordan Corandson of the Gateway Pundit.

Readout of Interview

Meet the “Brains” of the New Election Forensic Audit Methods

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is the “brains” behind the forensic audit. He even invented and owns patents on much of the methods and equipment used.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, the inventor of many forensic audit technologies, tells us what the auditors are looking for.

How the AZ Forensic Audit Conducted?

The Arizona forensic audit focuses almost entirely on the physical ballots and original photocopies. This signals a major departure for ballot auditing from the past when attention solely focused on the voting machines themselves.

Even so, each machine’s internal logs are now copied and will be studied. Maybe to catch some vote switching in the act?

What forensic evidence of the physical ballots audited?

  • The Touchpoints showing whether a ballot folded and went through the Post Office.
  • Microscopic company name of the printer as required by law. Interestingly, the Chinese have no such law.
  • Watermarks as only seen under ultraviolet light.
  • How voting ovals filled out — by hand or machine.
  • Verification the electronic version matches the paper one.

No results scheduled for release until the data collected, processed, analyzed, and a report written. The holdback means we’ll most likely not see any results until the beginning of June 2021.

How the Democratic Party Hopes to Stop or Discredit the AZ Audit.

  • Legally – Look for a new Biden Executive Order outlawing State Legislatures from auditing federal elections. Those who protest labeled as insurrectionists or domestic terrorists.
  • Foot-dragging – probably want to delay until at least until May when precincts can legally destroy irregular ballots.
  • Censorship – Quickly taking down any info about the audit across all platforms.
  • Fake News – an army of biased websites publishing fake news articles and given top rankings.
  • Rioting on the Streets – Antifa is already there to do something. Maybe a big false flag operation to fake another insurrection! This time against Arizona’s state capital. (Sheer speculation.)

If this audit comes out as we think, the communists are put in a corner! And so, I believe they will do absolutely anything to shut it down! Be careful!


The Republican State Legislature acts like they are sure they’ll be another election in 2-years, even as the world’s governments continue collapsing into a single government rule. For me, I’m not so sure America will even exist in two years.

Hoping as I am, at least we can try.

Meanwhile, I realize we’re seeing an incredible step in our democracy as we know, maybe for the first time ever, the true vote count of at least one county in Arizona.


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