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This Arizona Forensic Hand Audit Guide informs and spreads the word about this ground-breaking event! Even better, it’s updated almost daily, with the most consequential news and opinions.

Multiple simultaneous tasks to complete the audit exists. The first one is completed–counting the ballots. Now, the process of creating new images from the ballots continues. Simultaneously the volunteers are taking closer looks at suspicious ones.

While we must remain patient, there is a monster federal election takeover bill pending final approval in the US Senate. It’s attached to the multi-trillion, dollar infrastructure boondoggle. The Democrats want to pass these draconian federal election laws (SR1) before the audit results point out they encourage massive election fraud.

Therefore, it’s likely the Arizona Senate will release at least some information before the final report. Of course, it’s a moving, daily decision based on what deals are made in the US Senate.

Things are too fluid for an opinion right now! But, I wonder if states can declare themselves the Sanctuary States against Federal election laws? I also wonder if Pelosi can refuse to seat their elected officials. The only opinion I have is that she is surely studying the law about this possible situation.

While this goes on, as many as 20 delegate groups from other state legislatures continue to arrive for tours of the Arizona audit. All say they marvel at the professionalism of this audit. While embolden their state needs an audit like in Arizona, they wonder if their state politics will allow one. Here is where I kept track of the status of go-head approvals within states.

Arizona Forensic Audit Timeline

  1. What you see in the Veterans Coliseum on the live cameras. (8-weeks)
  2. The forensic auditing of the hardware. (1-week) (Delayed, no admin passwords)
  3. The processing of evidence about what they found compared to what Maricopa County Board reports. (4-days)
  4. Canvassing voter residences (4-weeks) (Indefinitely on hold)
  5. Compiling Final Report (1-week)

Based on the lack of admin passwords for the equipment and the “indefinite” hold on canvassing. The audit is in fine shape for soon releasing preliminary reports(July 4th would be nice). And a final report at the end of July.

Don’t forget the Republican Senate back in Washington wants to pass a draconian election bill (SR1) before Arizona has a chance to release any official results. Even preliminary and partial results could have a deciding effect on the few moderate Democrats in the Senate, who now often block bills from the Biden Regime.

Ballots Inspection and Audit: The First Group of Steps

Group One: Steps you see when watching the Arizona forensic audit.

  1. Ballot Paper and Ink Inspection Station

    A graphical photo is taken of both sides of a ballot. This is for later comparison with the original ballot photo. The operator then removes the ballot from the alignment pad and places it in the microscope inbox tray where four micro cameras tell the operator when the printing of the ballot aligned.

  2. Visual Inspection and logging of paper folds and ink

    A photo of the ballot is taken. Later it’s compared to the original in batches by a proprietary program. Also, a small form is filled out by an operator stating whether the ballot was an absentee or mail-in ballot and whether it has the telltale fold marks.

  3. Visual Counting of Votes at Rotating POD Station

    POD Stations come in color groupings. The use of color-coding is to help keep track of where people belong. At each one, three witnesses check each ballot to see who received their vote for President and Senate. After viewing each ballot, the volunteers enter what they saw into a spreadsheet-looking paper. When the report completed the results of each are turn into the POD Lead Manager who then hand carries each to the front table on the floor. Where a manager checks against the batch information from Maricopa Country computerized results.

  4. POD Forensic Examiner

    A questionable ballot will be evaluated by the Table Lead Forensic Examiner. If the challenge is upheld, the ballot will be removed from the batch, change of custody papers filled out, and hand-delivered to Tier One forensics.

  5. Returning Good Ballots and Segregating Questionable Ballots

    The good ballots are returned to their boxes, but those under Tier One or Two forensic challenge are sent to the “Evidentiary Corral.”

Arizona Forensic Audit 2021 News

  1. Rumors: strongly suspect that hundreds of thousands of ballots are missing.
  2. The DOJ plans to crack down on the canvass audit once it begins. State Senate responded saying they had already put the canvass on “indefinite hold.”
  3. The audit may expand to other Arizona counties.
  4. Rudy Guiliano gets his law license suspended for saying the 2020 election corrupt.
  5. Audit finishes counting all the ballots, forensics begin!

Patriots emboldened by the audit.

The Patriots are reveling in being together! They united in the exposure of the 2020 election corruption by Democrat Marxists. The excitement builds even though the final report not due for another month.

Please keep in mind that the Democrats are not able or willing to process even the strongest evidence that counters their false reality. In fact, proof of election fraud only strengthens their resolve to shut down and mislabel Patriots.

The biggest story not told is the enthusiasm and determination of the people, especially those in Arizona.

Meanwhile back in Washington DC, the Joe Biden Regime is pushing for a bill (SR1) that would lock in Federal control of national elections. Obviously, the regime want to pass the bill before the Arizona Audit Report released. For this reason, I expect some information from the audit released soon.

Shocking Letter to Maricopa County Board from State Senate!

Although this letter attempted politeness, its content couldn’t help but bring out the accusatory tone of the Arizona Senate. After months of weasel excuses for not producing subpoenaed evidence, game on! This audit is now about catching crooks in a serious crime. Trying to steal an election!

The explosive Arizona Senate letter to Mariposa County Election Board explained.

Door-to-door canvassing put on “indefinite hold.”

To be fair to the DOJ and the leftist Brennon Center, the contract between the Arizona Senate and Cyber Nija was unclear about what questions would be asked in the canvass. But, it didn’t matter as Senate President Karen Fann told the DOJ that they decided to put the canvassing on “indefinite hold” weeks ago.

Further, if the Senate moves forward with door-to-door voter inquiries, “its vendor will implement detailed requirements to ensure that the canvassing is conducted in a manner that complies fully with the commands of the United States Constitution and federal and state civil rights laws,” Fann wrote.

Are there the beginnings of a power struggle between the Arizona State Legislature and Pamela Karlan, the principal deputy assistant attorney general from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division? Well, not so far. After all, both were only doing their jobs.

Lamestream denies the audit creditability.

However, already we’re seeing lamestream media websites publish “little slap” articles to discredit the Senate President, Fann. They are false flags and quick-to-hit pieces designed to create doubt about the methods of the election and the character of those in charge.

You don’t even need to research what I’m saying anymore. Just tune in or read a lefty website and you’ll hear the same keywords used over and over. You’ll hear them on cable news, lefty websites, and from lefty-brainwashed friends and relatives.

My point is upon proof of election fraud, the left is not going to roll over and say you’re right. In fact, we’ll probably be put on a terror watch. As some of you know already, I’m not kidding!

Remember the “Rules of Radicals,” “Discredit the person, not the institution.” Yes, we have their number! We know exactly what they’re attempting!

About the Arizona (AZ) Forensic Audit

The idea for an Arizona (AZ) forensic audit resulted from a Rudy Giuliana meeting with its State Legislatures. Where the lightbulb when on in their heads that they did indeed have power, but it was stolen from them by Democrat lawyers from Washington DC. Plus, their own local politicians, like the Governor and the Arizona Secretary of State.

Rudy Giuliana and the team were the first to shine a light on the election fraud in Arizona. For after this unofficial meeting with interested members of the Republican Arizona State Legislature, they knew something had to be done! Otherwise, a large number of their voters would never trust another election.

View the Audit Live

The audit is a beautiful thing to see live on 9 cameras! There you’ll see Patriots are hard at work participating and protecting their country. In addition, you’ll see the determination on their faces, as they work with a mission.

Is watching the Live Audit like watching paint dry? It can be! But, if you watch close enough you’ll see some drama.

  • The appearance on the night of 6.18.2011 when 4 black Americans come to help. It was suspicious because at first, they ran around touching the ballots of others and bothering people. But, the workers didn’t panic, but rather accepted and helped them until they became helpful. Brought a tear to my eyes! It was beautiful!
  • Every day, all day the Democrats have a young lawyer with a potbelly monitoring and taking copious amounts of notes. No doubt about the inevitable court case against the validity of the election. He doesn’t do much but walk the floor. But on 6.21 he raced over to grab a box of ballots while another man appeared, and together they did some kind of private audit. What was that all about!

I think someone should make a family board game, like monopoly, out of what what’s seen on the cameras. The name would be, “Did anyone cheat?”

Actually, calling the live, security camera “live” is a big exaggeration. Unless, one reaches a certain high level of crazy, like I did, it is like watching paint dry.

The where and when of Arizona (AZ) audit

The Arizona Republican-controlled Senate State ordered a forensic audit conducted at the Arizona Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum beginning on April 23, 2021.

Scheduled for completion a month later are the counting and electronic analysis. What does that mean? Watch the video below from the brains of the outfit. Only signature matching is not happening.

At the end of 12-weeks, a public report will be issued.

What Happens When Massive Corruption Found in the Arizona Audit?

Both the Republicans and the Democrats already know the Arizona election in 2020 was indeed corrupt.

This audit is a “shot across the bow” that Patriots are now much more concerned about election integrity. If Democrats try to cheat while Republicans in power, they have audit tools to reverse elections. And, maybe put them in jail!

A powerful tool for the future, but can’t help much now! I wish it could.

Unfortunately, even if Arizona and other states decertify their 2020 election results, it’s doubtful anything changes. It will end with the Patriots embolden by knowing that Trump really won with Democrats convinced the audit was a sham. For it takes a 2/3 majority in the US Senate to remove a president or senator.

Would the US Supreme Court Intervene if 2020 Election Fraudulent?

“Just wait until Daddy gets here!” The US Supreme Court would be so very reluctant to even hear this case! Besides, they are not a trial court! They only interpret the laws.

To present a case of a national emergency caused by election fraud when the midterms coming up is an impossible task. Of course, I’m not a constitutional lawyer. But, that’s my common-sense opinion.

One hundred and fifty retired American officers acknowledge the 2020 election was corrupt and offer this warning letter.

Live Streams from the AZ Forensic Audit

There are nine public, live-streaming cameras, each streaming 24 hours per day for public viewing — perfect for those who like watching paint dry! For you, a word of advice. If you stare at them for long periods, hoping to glean a “gotta moment,” you should seek professional help.

Note that the audit workers are purposely far away from the public cameras. Making discerning their identity difficult. Especially when they wear a mask.

List of what you’re seeing in each of the 9 public cameras at the Arizona (AZ) forensic audit:

  • One – Ballots checked for printed authenticity and an image copy on both sides made on both sides.
  • Two – Best overview of ballot storage and the back of the floor. Notice the groups separated by t-shirt colors and job functions.
  • Three – Best view of the amount ballot boxes removed for counting so far, and yet to go.
  • Four – This view is another of the back of the floor.
  • Five – This is the overall view of the floor from the front. Notice the black table in front. Is this where workers check ballots against a voter registration database?
  • Six – The yellow t-shirts check the ballot alignment for fakes.
  • Seven – Closeup of camera 5 — Better view of where it looks like they are checking ballots against a database.
  • Eight – Also, some kind of signoff for distressed ballots from the tables.
  • Nine – A closeup of blue areas. Notice the large, open black box in the upper left. I believe it provides sufficient darkness for shining a blue light on the ballots to check for watermarks or microscopic printer company information.

What is the meaning of the T-Shirt Colors

Explanation of what happens at the various tables (not including the colored pods).

Specialized Spreadsheet Count Management Table

When the paper spreadsheet reports from the ballot viewers full, the Pod managers hand-deliver them to the two-person table shown in the bottom right of Camera 8.

There, the spreadsheets checked for errors, and signed off on, and placed in a clear, plastic box with a lid.

The Pods

Tables grouped by 4 color codes with ballot rotators so multiple people can easily see each ballot and decide which candidates received the vote.

Each ballot viewer uses a blank paper spreadsheet to record what they saw. Their Pod Manager collects them when full.

Meet the People Behind the AZ Forensic Audit

Opening day for the Arizona 2020 State Legislature

Along with Rudy Giuliana and his team, who got the ball rolling, we give thanks for the bravery of the Arizona State Legislature. Where the House Republicans hold a firm majority. But in the Senate, they have only a one-vote margin.

What people don’t realize is there were only a few House Republican members following conservative news. And, the rest had no idea of the fraud!

Ken Bennet, Audit Director

Video Interview with Arizona, Forensic Audit Director, Ken Bennett on April 30th, 2021. Credit to by journalist Jordan Corandson of the Gateway Pundit.

Readout of Interview

Meet the “Brains” of the New Election Forensic Audit Methods

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is the “brains” behind the forensic audit. He even invented and owns patents on much of the methods and equipment used.

An important video because if you watch, you’ll know what is being audited. He is the inventor of much of the anti-corruption election tools.

What are the AZ Forensic Audit procedures looking for?

  • Mailing touchpoints showing whether a mail-in ballot was folded and went through the intra-Post Office roller system.
  • The microscopic company name of who printed the ballot as required by law. Interestingly, the Chinese have no such law.
  • Watermarks as only seen under ultraviolet light.
  • How voting ovals filled out — by hand or machine.
  • Verification the electronic version matches the paper one.

How the Democratic Party Hopes to Stop or Discredit the AZ Audit.

  • Legally – Look for a new Biden Executive Order outlawing State Legislatures from auditing federal elections. Those who protest labeled as insurrectionists or domestic terrorists.
  • Foot-dragging – probably want to delay until at least until May when precincts can legally destroy irregular ballots.
  • Censorship – Quickly taking down any info about the audit across all platforms.
  • Fake News – an army of biased websites publishing fake news articles and given top rankings.
  • Rioting on the Streets – Antifa is already there to do something. Maybe a big false flag operation to fake another insurrection! This time against Arizona’s state capital. (Sheer speculation.)

If this audit comes out as we think, the communists are put in a corner! And so, I believe they will do absolutely anything to shut it down! Be careful!


The Republican State Legislature acts like they are sure they’ll be another election in 2-years, even as the world’s governments continue collapsing into a single government rule. For me, I’m not so sure America will even exist in two years.

Hoping as I am, at least we can try.

Meanwhile, We’re seeing an incredible step in our democracy. Maybe for the first time ever a true vote count of at least one county in Arizona.


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