Arizona Forensic Audit News

The Arizona forensic audit news captured the attention of the nation and the world. And, its results are damning! Nevertheless, because of the political power of the Marxists, no one is yet punished. And so, with no fear, they continue to cheat unabated.

However, the wheels of justice are turning in Arizona as its Attorney General may yet prosecute the guilty. And so, we may yet see something happen. But, I doubt it!

The Arizona Forensic Audit News has greatly contributed to a general awakening. Which helped fuel the rage of parents over children being taught communism and their proposed gene therapy injections.

Arizona Forensic Audit News: Attorney General opens criminal investigations!

On Nov. 19, 2021, MSNBC obtained an audio recording (text copy) of investigators with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office questioning former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. After finding out about the illegal recording and listening, it sounds like Brnovich’s office needs to tighten up his ship.

On Nov. 1, 2021, the Arizona AG announced that he opened a criminal investigation of the 2020 election. Click here to see what is happening!

Surely, there is substantial evidence of election fraud in Arizona. But, whether it rises to the level of proof in a biased courtroom is another matter.

Audit events serving as info sources for election fraud lawsuits:

The Maricopa County Canvass Results!

The results of the Maricopa Canvass confirmed massive election ballot fraud. Some 173,000 Biden votes were from “Ghost” voters!

Granted the audit was statistical, but if you are familiar with bell curves. Then you know its huge sampling of some 10,000 interviews shows Trump won by a landslide.

After all, it showed results with 95% confidence with a 3% plus or minus variability. That an extremely corrupt election took place!

The Arizona State Legislature fails to stand up to the US Department of Justice.

Though they certainly talked tough in the media, the DoJ backed them down. And, Liz Harrington, a private citizen, did the canvass!

I ask how can we now expect Arizona’s Attorney General to do anything but the same! Now, that the ball is in his court.

It’s the canvass, not the audit

Over and over again we still hear this. And so, it’s this idea that drives ahead more realistic chances of decertification. After all, it may be still true that the will of the people is paramount. Please sign any petitions for local or national decertification because many state canvasses are underway.

The release of Arizona Canvass fills the dead news time.

The release of the results was a little strange though. Like a “fill-in” speaker for a late featured speaker, it was drugged out unexpectedly. Because viewers were getting too impatient for the release of the main audit results.

The results of the Maricopa County Canvass

Lost Votes – voted, but vote not recorded.173,140
Ghost Votes – someone else voted their name 96,389
These numbers are not mutually exclusive. The most likely accurate number is 173,140. Note: Trump only lost by some 10,000 votes.

They call the Arizona forensic audit “incomplete.” Yet, they hand it over to the Arizona Attorney General.

How would you like to prosecute a large group of the most powerful people in America? With only an “incomplete” audit? Then, have the people who passed on this impossible task flood you with messages to get off your “ass!”

Arizona Forensic Audit Results

Here is the complete 3-hour feed for the Arizona Forensic Audit Report.
  • Over 255,000 early votes shown do not have a corresponding entry in the early voting returns file.
  • Over 23,000 voted by mail after moving after the October 5th cutoff.
  • Over 9,000 more mail-in ballots received and recorded than the official number of mail-in ballots sent out by the county.
  • Precincts’ count of voters showed more ballots casted on election day than people who actually showed up to vote. 1,551 extra votes.
  • Approximately 2,500 ballots shown in the early vote returns that do not have a voter listed as casting them.
  • 2,382 voters casted votes in Maricopa county, in person, after moving out of the county.

Comparing the 255,000 votes, not in the voter registration database with the 173.140 who voted by vote not recorded is most telling. Because the numbers are in the same range. Note: an exact matching is impossible.

Superior logic buries Marxist fraud denials.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. Ph.D. provides irrefutable proof.

Dr. Shiva’s audit is where the “rubber met the road”. He was given the task of auditing images of the return envelopes.

In doing so, his education, training, and superior intelligence overwhelmed the Maricopa County Election Committee. As a result, using his training and experience, he’s boxed them in!

Owing to the irrefutable evidence, the County now even admits the photocopies of the ballot signature envelopes were manipulated from the originals.

Badly copied ballot images tell story of fraud.

Notice that the signature envelope has no signature and the approval stamp is under the big arrow, not over it. Two things are very wrong!

The County gives a lame answer about image compression while ignoring the question is: Where are the original ballots or images?

Later, they admit to the Marxist US House Select Committee that they “needed” to delete them! Even though under the law they are required to keep them for 22 months!

Checking voter information against Social Security numbers

There were 673,560 checked and 58% couldn’t be found!

The Marxist cheater in 2020 got desperate when they ran out of fake voter names. And so, they looked everywhere!

They even resorted to adding obvious duplicates at the end!

And so, they made up ghost voters by adding them to the Arizona voting roles, then manufactured paper ballots. Afterward, they deleted them off the state voter roles.

The fraud enabler strikes!

All made possible by the Democrat Marxist, Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs! Who handed out the one and only Arizona voter database password to her cohorts!

And now, incrediably, she wants to ran as Arizona Governor in 2022! Equally astonishing, she may actually win if her cheating isn’t stopped. So far, anyways she’s still on schedule to become Governor!

Can Trump return because of massive election rallies and protests?

In any case, the Arizona rallies and protests alone cannot change the outcome of the 2020 election. To do so would require a lot of help. Such as:

  • An impeachment of the Joe Biden Regime using with majority in the US House of Representatives AND a supermajority in the US Senate. Trouble is a Senate supermajority most likely cannot happen until 2026!
  • Maybe a US Supreme Court election annulement which is driven by massive election fraud proof–which is difficult to imagine!
  • A US Military takeover and removal–which is also unimaginable.

And so, we are left only hoping America is still standing for the 2020 elections. So MAGA can take control of Congress by removing and replacing all Democrats and RHINOs.

It’s impossible to do in one mid-term election! But, we can still control both US Chambers. (Sorry, a supermajority in the US Senate cannot happen during the Biden Regime, unless about 12 Democrat Senators vote for impeachment.)

What to do when a Marxist House Select Committee invites you to discuss your audit.

Don’t accept the invitation!

Note: A “Select Committee” doesn’t mean especially honest members. It means the entire Committee was hand-picked by high-ranking Marxist in the US House of Representatives!

A meeting of resistance and apology!

Nevertheless, there were some MAGA high points. Like when Republican House Member Andy Biggs drove home some of the audit findings during questioning. And, low points, when our “so-called” representative (Ken Bennett) and other Republicans failed to even try to counter.

It’s Attorney General Time!

The Arizona State Legislature only manages and audits elections. It’s the Attorney General who does the prosecuting, and that’s what’s supposed to happen!

Potential Legal Prosecutions

  1. Maricopa County did indeed delete and overwrite its 2020 election database, including original ballot images. Moreover, MAGA database expert Cotton says they even have videos of the Maricopa County people actually doing the deed!
  2. Signing off that the Election Management Server had no modem is guilty.
  3. Images for ballot signature envelopes were manipulated.

Note: like all criminal cases, the law, at the time of the crime, determines the severity of punishment he can ask for from a judge.

How to best punish the guilty

Like what the FBI did to General Flynn and many others. Remain quiet, take the testimony, and only prosecute those who lie under oath. This will ensure more serious prosecutions that are easier to prove.

So, first, get them to lie, then prosecute the lying.

How to use the Arizona Audit to win elections?

Here, I offer additional thoughts on how to use the results of the Arizona audit to MAGA’s advantage. Since the cards are so stacked against us, I hope you’ll accept what I call my common sense wisdom. And also know that I am not a rah! rah! type guy.

And so, I begin by explaining that while the audit itself was well-done. The presentation of the results was on par with the Biden disaster in Afghanistan! The result: the importance of the Arizona audit has become reduced to only talking points.

To tell you the truth, I think we were sold out, again!

Decertify the 2020 election

Getting the 2020 election decertified is certainly the longest-shot gamble in my lifetime! But, I never say never! Just tell me where I can help!

However, don’t tell me the US Supreme Court is going to rule 9-0 to decertify.

Updating Arizona’s election laws!

I wish I had better news! But, updated election laws may not happen, even with this blockbuster election audit. Because the Republicans don’t have a real majority in the Arizona State Senate.

What do I mean?

Even though there is a 16 to 15 advantage by Republicans in the Senate, However, one or two Republicans are Marxists. Therefore, they are positioned to block any election law changes by the Legislature.

Also, both the State’s Secretary of State and Governer are Marxist and a RHINO respectively.

But, winning an election now would be great too!

Judging by the audit blocking going on, challenging vote counting fraud as It happens may be necessary. Including putting up an internet geo-fence blocking all internet traffic to election servers.

While I don’t have a complete plan, I do know that we must catch and reverse voter fraud in near real time. Because, waiting until after the counting of votes is too late!

During vote counting may be the best time for acts of civil disobendience.

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