Are Claims of Racial Discrimination in America False?

Don’t be left in the dark again about why insurgents call you a racist! There is a reason, although convoluted.

racial discrimination

Are you guilty of racial discrimination? Everyone I know would say, “Heck No!” However, if you don’t support the radical left completely, you are guilty.

Racial discrimination is un-American as it runs contrary to the spirit of our Constitution. But the Marxist movement rioting in our streets has changed its meaning, so, according to them, you may now be guilty.

That is to say, the American Marxists now sling around the word “racists” onto anyone who disagrees with them. And so, it’s a good idea to start this post with the real definition of “racial discrimination.”

Racial discrimination is any discrimination against individuals on the basis of their skin color, or racial or ethnic origin

Wikipedia – Racial discrimination

The Ridiculous Definition of Radical Discrimination

The definition of radical discrimination in America, according to the global Maoist corporate oligarchy insurgency, is ridiculous! If you are against anything they do, then you are called a racist.

It’s really strange how their followers keep using this word, when so misapplied. I’m sure its a product of their brainwashing, and maybe even a sense of humor after a good night of rioting.

List of why you may be a racist according to the Black Lives Matter (BLM):

Don’t support the BLMRacists
Trump supporter
You get the idea!

Don’t get misled, this racist nonsense at a higher level is not about racism at all. It’s about a political agenda, and much more.

Anyone in the World that’s not helping BLM is a racist?

Another reason that the insurgents think you’re a racist is that they think the whole world is racist! And, I’m not exaggerating. To further my point, one of their protest signs on TV reads, “the whole world is racist.”In other words, the world as a whole is oppressing the poor and disadvantaged.

Especially interesting because if everyone is racist, then who is oppressed?

Getting beyond the ridiculous, the insurgent’s call to end the oppression by us (capitalists) is principally a global communist movement. And so, you’ve only been caught up in the sweep.

Now that you’re sympathetic with the BLM

Ok, you’ve passed! You say you favor BLM. If you’re white you’re not done!

You must apologize and pay reparations in cash or property. So you know, if you are white, you’re not a member of an oppressed group, no matter how oppressed you feel! And so you are the enemy!

But there is good news! If you sincerely apologize and pay reparations in cash or property, partial forgiveness is possible.

Such is the crazy message of Black Lives Matter (BLM)

The China connection: social scores

I assume you’ve heard about the coming social score system that is coming to America. The one that requires you to get a vaccination for the common cold from people you don’t trust, otherwise you can’t travel, check into a hotel, buy a concert ticket, etc.

Well, to score well and gain a semblance of freedom you’re going to need to be a partial, white member of the BLM. Pay the reparations, or donate money. By the way, the BLM raises money for the Democrat party.

Maybe you’re getting the idea of what’s going on!

The ledger of your attempts to return to the graces of the social justice policy (global communists) forms part of your “social score,” which I’ll talk about later.

List of Examples of the Radical Left’s New Definition of Racial Discrimination:

  • Buying products from a business that discriminates against any class of people.
  • Being friends with someone overheard using “hate speech” against someone from an oppressed class (blacks, immigrants, Democrats, etc.)
  • Waiting on a table of white people first, even if they were there first.
  • White “silence” about oppressed people and not helping is considered violence, and therefore racists.

How Insurgents Think and Talk about Us

The global communists must tear down all remnants of the “Enlightenment” to establish their utopian ideals of collective sharing the means of production. So “pig-headed” about their movement that anything or anyone that helps maintain the status quo is guilty of racial discrimination.

We’re the Enemy, and Antifa Wants Us Gone!

As you saw above, we represent “The Age of Enlightenment” or Western Culture. And so, Antifa is using the Marxist dying breath to use the frustrations of so-called racial injustice or social justice discrimination concerns as a cover for the real goal of their insurgency which is the overthrow of the US.

The real frustrations fueling the insurgency against the US:

  • Having come out of college with few job opportunities, and mountains of education debt.
  • Sense of hope for the future.
  • Cash for rioters, especially high-profile actions.
  • Great leadership and sense of purpose.
  • Brainwashing by Marxist professors and corrupt news sources.
  • Desire to shed Social Security payments.
  • False promises that socialism is more efficient than capitalism.
  • A desire to start civilization over under their terms.
  • Sense of common purpose among members.
  • Parties, music, a good time of membership, constant festival

Should we give up our western values for the rioter’s progressive wishes?

First, I’d want to have them paint a picture of what to expect! I’m guessing most of what they want is in the Democrat Party Platform document, but it’s too general. And so, doesn’t tell us much, except it looks a lot like communism.

So, I’m stuck! Paint us the picture, not script the lies!

Video Review – The Arrogance of the Left is Their Downfall!

Video credit: Youtube: The Blaze Channel

Arrogance is not an effective weapon when fighting against those who stand up for their beliefs. For when they do, the sword of morality with Trump and his supporters becomes invincible.

Only armed with arrogance and beliefs from the dark side, there is no doubt that many undecided voters will vote against Biden in 2020. So aware of this problem that Democrats have practically plagiarized Trump’s platform.

Did you know that the Democrat Platform is actually a Communist Manifesto?

The Democratic Party platform sounds so well-intentioned. And, at the same time, an “open door” to a global communist takeover.

That is to say, it’s deceptively written to win an election and offers a blueprint to fundamentally change America into a communist country, read it carefully.

Especially, consider how they will accomplish their goals while stifling the economy.

In any case, the bottom line is the Democrat Party platform document “turns the truth on its head.” And written to help Democrats return to power and never lose it again, while they subjugate the US under the United Nations.


Frankly, I’m frustrated battling an enemy who won’t even tell me what they want and hides behind secret meanings. And, that’s exactly what the Marxist wanted.

Over and over, we hear “Black Matters Manner,” while our heads spin wondering what the heck that means. Of course, black lives matter, but so do others!

One thing for sure, if Biden wins in 2020, discrimination against conservatives won’t matter.


By Wayne

Author, political activist, and tech-geek My best is when I see the end game and deliver no-nonsense viewpoints. My career began 5 years ago when I realized how close America is to being terminally taken over by global Marxists. I now work every day to help conservatives cope and get strong again.