Hope Returns! Americans Step Up to Resist Marxism

Trump seriousness expression for Americans Step Up to Resist Marxism movement.

Regain your hope that America survives! See a list of key battles being waged by Patriots countering Marxists at every turn.

Join and become active members of MAGA because it’s time to end 70 years of Marxist societal rot! Because, contrary to what they told us, their change is NOT something we can believe in!

In light of its failure, I summarize and chronicle milestones as it restores itself.

9 good signs that America is regenerating itself.

  1. Rank and file US Military soldiers lost faith in Biden Regime.
  2. More MAGA Republican State Legislatures requesting forensic audits. Plus, election integrity safeguards are getting restored.
  3. Viewership on lamestream media viewership is ridiculously low. And, the number and viewship of conservative social media platforms continues.
  4. Thank you Democrat Senator Joe Munchin from West Virgina! Single-handily, he’s block much of the most devastating parts of the Biden Regime Congressional bills. Lately, he even stood in the way of their extremely wasteful 3.5 trillion dollar so-called infrastructure bill.
  5. National favorability for Biden takes a big drop! Don’t believe the polls. His favorability is even lower than reported. There will be no Democrat President coattails for 2022 candidates to ride.
  6. Red State Governors are stepping up to counter Federal power takeovers. Especially Texas and Florida are exerting their State Rights to challenge or even ignore Federal laws. Especially noteworthy is a recent US Supreme Court Case decided in favor of Texas that bans abortions after baby has independent heart beat.
  7. More Americans than ever are realizing the dangers of the virus “vaccines.” As more and more medical experts unite to expose the real more dire statistics.
  8. MAGA is gaining local poltical control over the Marxists. More and more school and city board seats are now opposed or taken over by new MAGA members. However, there are approx. 200,000 empty seats where only an application is needed.
  9. Trump’s remains able to dictate state election winners with his endorsements. Demonstrating that the strength of MAGA remains strong.

Rank and file US Military soldiers ready to bounce away from Biden

US Military has no faith to fight for Biden Regime

A divided rank and file mean a disorganized US Military for Biden

There are rank and file soldiers from both sides within our military. However, many of our active military field officers are Marxists. And so, if you think there is a united military front siding with Biden, you’d be wrong!

Fortunately, most soldiers fight as buddy units, not for officers. If you’re looking for information about a military uprising, I don’t have any information.

Sorting out incorrect MAGA news!

We first see the National Guardsmen apparently turn their backs as a Biden caravan drove by in Washington D.C. That story is fake MAGA news! Because it’s a tradition to show they are looking out to protect the President.

However, a few days later, the police in Chicago and New York turn their backs on their mayors. That was real!

Retired US Military Flag Officers join MAGA

In case a few still doubt what I’m saying, listen to what 124 retired, Flag Officers say.

Retired Flag officers are now triggered! They say they’ve seen enough of the Biden Regime!

Specifically, they see the truth that a hostile foreign takeover when they see one! And so, they must return to action to honor their lifelong pledge to defend her.

Several State Governors just say “No” to Federal over-reach mandates!

Governor DeSantis of Florida is an example of a Patriot leader to support. He is creating an alt-physical reality as a base to fight back against totalitarianism.

The increasing encroachment of federal power has been going on since the American Revolutionary War. But, what’s recently serviced is the encroachment is now coming from stay-behind employees.

They have actually now banded internally and externally together to “be” the government! And now in great part, incredibly, they are like spreading cancer. And have become an existential threat to our state governments!

Anyway, Republican Governors are fed up with the Joe Biden Regime and the deep state trying to destroy America. Especially, the Governors of Florida and Texas who say they’ve finally had enough! And so, have taken things into their own hands.

The US Supreme Court finally helps out America!

Then, the US Supreme Court comes to our aid with a huge immigration victory. It orders the Biden Regime to reinstate Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy. However, the Biden Regime is now ignoring US Supreme Court orders. Leaving us to wonder who would enforce their order? And no, Congress is not about to impeach Biden!

Obviously, the Marxists are only making Republicans live up to the US Constitution when it fits their agenda. How do we know? Check out their playbook!

“Soccer Moms” of America resist Marxism in schools

To do so, conservatives are politically “storming” their local governments. At the local meeting, they’re demanding transparency and performance from their boards like never before!

In addition, the Republican Party itself is interviewing and developing political talent. They are doing so to unseat as many Democrats as possible in the 2022 election.

In fact, if the elections in 2022 are anything close to fair. Surely the Republican MAGA movement wins a majority in the US House of Representatives and Senate. But a supermajority in the US Senate is only a dream for now!

This is a sign from above that we need to clean the house for a full four years. Afterward, we even deserve to be free, and again lead the free world!

Trump picks election winners and losers with his endorsements.

In awesome displays of raw political power, Trump’s simple personal endorsement gets candidates elected. And so, from his Mar Largo home, he interviews and researches GOP candidates dedicated to the MAGA political platform

With the vast majority of his endorsements so far winning, it’s easy to predict that the Republican MAGA can sweep any fair election. However, getting one in 2020 is going to be difficult, even if we know exactly how they cheat — look at what happened during the US Senator elections in Georgia in Jan. 2021.


National Election Integrity Association has information on how to make a FOIA county request to a successful political remedy.

By Team Go Beyondo

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