Hope Returns! Americans Step Up to Resist Marxism

Trump seriousness expression for Americans Step Up to Resist Marxism movement.

Regain your hope that America survives! See a list of key battles being waged by Patriots countering Marxists at every turn.

Join and become active members of MAGA because it’s time to end 70 years of Marxist societal rot! Because, contrary to what they told us, their change is NOT something we can believe in!

In light of its failure, I summarize and chronicle milestones as we restore America.

Signs that America waking up!

  1. National “slow down” of airlines during Christmas season!
  2. Rat bastard Marxists are “jumping ship.”
  3. Rank and file US Military soldiers lost faith in Biden Regime.
  4. More MAGA Republican State Legislatures requesting forensic audits and citizen canvasses. Plus, integrity safeguards are being restored.
  5. Viewership on lamestream media viewership is ridiculously low. And, viewship numbers of conservative social media platforms continues to rise.
  6. Even a Democrat Senator like Joe Munchin from West Virgina is voting against party platforms! In fact, almost single-handily, he blocked devastating Biden Regime legislation. Lately, he even stood in the way of their extremely wasteful 3.5 trillion dollar so-called infrastructure bill.
  7. Biden’s favorability takes a big drop! This means there will be not incumbent Presidential coattails to ride in the 2022 election.
  8. Red State Governors are stepping up to counter Federal power overreach. Especially Texas and Florida Governors are exerting their State Rights to challenge Federal laws.
  9. More Americans than ever realize the true dangers of the virus “vaccines.” As more and more medical experts unite to expose the real more dire statistics.
  10. MAGA is gaining local poltical control over the Marxists. More and more school and city boards now fear MAGA, and roadblock them. However, there are approx. 200,000 empty national seats, where an application only need apply.
  11. Trump’s remains able to dictate state election winners with his endorsements. Demonstrating that the strength of MAGA remains strong.

National Slowdown of Airlines expresses resistance to vaccine mandates.

Jack Posobiec tells how serious this slowdown really is! It’s a shame the Marxists have driven us to this extreme tactic! But, the vaccine mandates are indeed illegal!

Because there are Federal laws against employees striking to shut down national transportation. Instead, airline employees are slow-walking the airline business during their financially critical Christmas season.

Obviously, their actions are a protest against vaccine mandates. In other words, if you are going to fire us, then we’re taking you with us.

Even so, this strategy may not work as the Feds will bail them out anyway. Because the RHINOs will turn on us again and pass a Marxist multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

By the way, the bill is up for reconsideration is December 3rd, 2021, just before the airline passenger Christmas rush! That’s when the slush fund bailouts should be available.

“Rat Bastard” Marxists are “jumping ship” for the 2022 election.

Listen to Bannon rattle off the Marxist Rats that are now “jumping ship!” They know there will be a “wipeout” in 2022!

Rank and file US Military soldiers ready to bounce away from Biden

US Military has no faith to fight for Biden Regime

Because most “rank and file” soldiers oppose Biden. However, there is a face-off as the Marxist threaten to let go of any MAGA soldiers. At a time America may face an internal civil war against illegal immigrants.

The question is will the Marxists organize and release them to destroy America. (Please understand that here I am only speculating.)

Are the millions of new, disorganized illegal immigrants really going to just settle down in America to vote for Democrats? Strategies are fluid right now! The sovereignty of America is probably at stake right now!

A divided rank and file mean a disorganized US Military for Biden

There are rank and file soldiers from both sides within our military. However, many of our active military field officers are Marxists. And so, if you think there is a united military front siding with Biden, you’d be wrong!

Fortunately, most soldiers fight as buddy units, not for officers. If you’re looking for information about a military uprising, I don’t have any information.

Retired US Military Flag Officers join MAGA

In case a few still doubt what I’m saying, listen to what 124 retired, Flag Officers say.

Retired US Flag Officers are concerned that the US will fall to communism. Specifically, they see a hostile foreign takeover attempt! And so, realize that they must return to action to honor their lifelong pledge to defend America.

Several State Governors just say “No” to Federal over-reach mandates!

Governor DeSantis of Florida is an example of a Patriot leader to support. He is creating an alt-physical reality as a base to fight back against totalitarianism.

Especially noteworthy is a recent Federal Court that temporarily set aside a district court. I wonder if the Marxists have the guts to retry Roe vs Wade in the US Supreme Court?

In any case, this anti-abortion push shows that MAGA is capable of offensive maneuvers. Even while, Governers in red states form a circle of protection against Federal Marxist overreach.

They are now just saying “no” to their unconstitutional mandates.

Remember, the states formed the Federal Government giving them a particular list of powers. Any power not on the itemized list belongs to the states. Having control over what comes into your body or what goes in is not constitutional power. And, the duration of emergency powers has long passed.

The trouble is a large number of states are under Marxist control. And, their election cheating makes the will of the people immaterial!

The US Supreme Court finally helps out America!

Then, the US Supreme Court comes to our aid with a huge immigration victory. It orders the Biden Regime to reinstate Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy.

However, the Biden Regime is now ignoring US Supreme Court orders. Leaving us to wonder who would enforce their order?

“Soccer Moms” of America resist Marxism in schools

To do so, conservative “soccer moms” are politically “storming” their local school boards. Quick learners, they are not trying to influence boards, but rather take them over!

Because taking over school boards are not as easy as GOP precinct boards, doing so may take some time.

But, we know these “soccer mamas” are doing a number mentally on school boards even now. Because the Marxist board members are now out in the open!

We know them now because they are saying that the school boards should dictate the education curriculum, not parents. Nice to know for sure who they really are!

Trump picks election winners and losers with his endorsements.

In awesome displays of raw political power, Trump’s simple personal endorsement swings elections to MAGA. He selects them from his Mar Largo home, where interviews and researches GOP candidates dedicated to the MAGA political platform.

Thankfully, Trump has more time to do more research on candidates before he endorses them than in 2018. Because some of his picks were disasters!

Nevertheless, his power to name political winners has only grown. As Patriots desperately need him to rally behind.


National Election Integrity Association has information on how to make a FOIA county request to a successful political remedy.

By Team Go Beyondo

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