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The Americanism versus Global Communism Debate


What to say to friends and neighbors about the pros and cons of Trumpism versus Marxism

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A comparison of Americanism versus Globalism shows the solid reasons you’re better off living as an American. As empirical evidence, look at the number of people worldwide making extreme personal sacrifices to immigrate here.

This post could also be titled Democratic Constitutional Republicism (Americanism) versus Oligarchism (Globalism, Marxism, Communism, Feudalism, etc.). Because when you boil it down, those are the only two choices.

Fascinating, mind-boggling, and dangerous is how fast the Marxists took over America. Of course, they have been clandestinely working on their plan for decades. The election fraud we saw in the 2020 election was only them pulling the final switch.

I offer a simple comparison in light of globalists’ dangerous and purposeful confusion.

Debate Definitions

So necessary in this debate is keeping track of definitions because the Globalists always hide behind language or words. When you think you understand, they change the name of their movement.

When you rule yourself, that’s Americanism, and Globalism is when the elite rule over you. The debate between them becomes more straightforward when you put the truth in simple terms.

What is the definition of Americanism?

Americanism is a political and economic combination of a constitutional republic and capitalism. And it allows individuals to seek a better life based on their initiatives. Importantly, it gives them the right to own property.

What is the definition of Globalism?

Globalism is global communism or an oligarchy. There are no individual rights, only those of the single-party Government matter. Individuals are not allowed to own anything.

What is globalization?

Globalization is a world movement powered by the rich and powerful to merge all governments into one. It brags of a totalitarian world where the people own nothing and will be happy.

Americanism versus global communism

This video is a fascinating discussion between a practical Iranian who once lived under communism versus a professor with Doctor’s degree in Marxist studies. The discussion features excellent questions and straightforward answers.

While both articulate their opposing views well enough, the rosy-cheeked Marxist lacked the real-life experience of his Iranian-American host. Also, when asked why he doesn’t live in Russia since he likes it so well? He has no good answer. Other than “Russia is no longer a communist country.” To that, the host said, “Why not?”

The “Two Cows” Humorous Definitions of Global Communism

  • Socialism: You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.
  • Communism: You have two cows. You give them to the government; then they give you some milk.
  • Fascism: You have two cows. You give them to the government; then it sells you some milk.
  • Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.
  • Nazism: You have two cows. The government takes both and shoots you. “

Wikipedia, “You have two cows.”

The comparisons between democratic republics versus communist or totalitarian governments are stark. Contrary to what Marxists say, people are generally happier with a government ruled by “the people” than an elite class. Besides, it’s well proven that the wealth-building capabilities of capitalism far outpace those of socialism.

America must become stewards of its country.

If we don’t, there will be no more America, and the Global Communists will shut us down. Fortunately, the MAGA-led Republicans are turning out to take back their local boards in droves.

While Americanism is far better than communism, sometimes it doesn’t live up to its reputation. That is when the Global Communists infiltrate our government and society, which is happening now!

And so, what good does it do to have an American Dream when the constitutional democratic republic is always in disrepair? There is no reason why the Global Communists should constantly threaten America if citizens were on guard.

Capitalism makes too darn much wealth!

Right off the bat, I admit that America’s greatest strength is its greatest weakness. America left to run on its own, generates too much wealth that automatically concentrates in the hands of the wealthy.

That is why our founding fathers included anti-trust laws. I submit that the failure to break up monopolies is America’s greatest mistake!

However, at least America is capable of creating wealth for ordinary people! If left alone and it’s constitutionally mandated, anti-trust laws are enforced.

The new, unworkable, mixed Americanism economy

America never did combine the benefits of capitalism and socialism into one best economic system because they are opposites. And that’s what slowed or dragged down America for decades.

Republicans would earn money; then, the Democrats step in to spend even more than they earned.

The rise of Marxism or Globalism is an admission that we’ve run out of time to make it work. And so, it’s time to admit we’ve run out of time.

Besides, history tells us that our young people will design their political/economic systems. We can only hope it’s based on American values, not those of elite classes.

America’s illegal immigrants now come for free government money, not the American Dream.

And they will let whichever party supports them use their names on a state voting roll. They are not dreaming the America Dream because it’s gone! Instead, they are looking at who will support them.

When the money runs out, they will make another decision whether to take your possessions or leave. I see them in survival mode, half staying and the other half leaving.

Why is Global Communism such an awful alternative to Americanism?

Why do so many people in Global Communists escape to the United States? Since the migration flow doesn’t go the other way, one must ask why.

Globalism is one “big fat” merger of the rich and powerful!

To shore up their poor record of taking over the world, they have merged with big businesses worldwide this time. The Marxists’ willingness to put up with partners is new, though.

Furthermore, big tech supplies plenty of money, but they have even gotten the hang of lying as a profession. They are now co-experts on “Opposite Speech,” which is the persistent lying activity.

That is to say that it can somehow stop racial discrimination, save the planet, and go to heaven. All while aborting babies, abolishing religions, and forcing population reduction!

It shows that we honestly now live in a world of opposites! The only truth is that Globalism cannot fully take hold without first destroying America.

Lies about promises of nirvana

They need to continually create fear in the hope we’ll give up our freedoms for their “so-called” promise of nirvana. Moreover, too many kids have grown up without a male role model and do not have the personality traits to compete in a capitalistic economy.

And so, the communists take advantage. They purposefully create a false reality using propaganda that tells them what they want to hear–someone will care for them. Then, they get confused and frightened because of a chaotic social backdrop where the up is down and the left is right.

And so, right on time, the communists step in to fill the gap.

Same chaos and fear strategy as the Russians and later the Maoists used in China during their “Cultural Revolution.” In both cases, Marxists slaughter millions of dissidents! There is no reason to think the same wouldn’t happen in America.

Sample list of American communist’s lies:

  • If you are against them, you are a liar and a racist.
  • Conservativism is the enemy of America.
  • There is no plot of political and economic powers trying to take America.

The Democratic Communist Party already has a very different view of America. They consider it already conquered!

The truth about Marxist entrepreneurship

Incredibly, today’s authoritarian communists now say the spirit of entrepreneurship is part of their style of government. Common sense tells us that this is a lie! Because entrepreneurship requires a high degree of freedom!

Instead, it involves personal motivation, which only flourishes when they have a real chance at the American Dream.

Spiritual awakening in America tilts political advantage.

Troubling politics is driving people to spirituality to help them build strength. And that is a good thing because resisting the proposed Great Reset will take strong people.

And so, we see the communists shutting down churches while the Patriots try to strengthen them. Of course, this critical struggle is essential to the freedom battle for America and the world.


Because we failed to break up the monopolies and thus the wealth, America now looks like an oligarchy. Today’s America is not what we had in mind!

The people are supposed to rule our “hands-on” government. But, so far, it’s proven that we cannot handle it.

We cannot keep moving from the brink and back again. There must be a new appreciation of our values. Fortunately, help is on the way, again!