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The Americanism versus Global Communism Debate

Americanism versus global communism debate is badly needed. Because of the misunderstandings of these two labels, political debates are impossible. And so, here I define the true choices and define each.

The debate between Americanism and global communism is the central debate to pay attention because it compares the actual choices.

A guiding thought is that Americanism and global communism cannot exist within the same government. Because of the fact that one promotes individual rights, while the other in the supremacy of the state.

A big difference in this debate is using the word “global communism” versus “socialism.” I do so only for accuracy, not shock value or partisanship. Read on for more explanation of definitions.

Debate Definitions

Americanism – allows individuals to seek a better life based on their own initiatives and importantly allows them to own property and start their own businesses.

And, rewards flow to those who can compete.

Global Communism – means the (coming) global governance comes before the individual. Individuals are allowed to own property or own a business with the approval of an elite party. There is only one supreme party. There are elections, but in the end, the elite party decides.

Americanism versus Global Communism Debate Notes:

  • Since all communistic movements nowadays are global, I’ve added the word to the label “global communism.”
  • Nordic countries are not examples of communistic countries, as they offer full property rights, multiple parties, and entrepreneurship with only business licenses. They have mixed socialist and capitalist economic systems.
  • Marxism or Maoism is the central political and economic rules for global communism. “a theory in which class struggle is a central element in the analysis of social change in Western societies. And an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit.” – Encarta
  • “Democratic Socialism” is not a workable system for global communism, as it makes no sense. Anyways, it sounds more like our current American system of mixed capitalism and socialism, which is not working.
  • The ideology of Americanism is contained in its Constitution and within the Bill of Rights.

The Americanism versus Global Communism Debate

Is the collective voter protection for social justice guaranteed by our Constitution more secure that a single-party, global communist government?

No, the history of communism tells us just the opposite. If that was so we’d be seeing people escaping from America into communist countries, and that’s not happening.

Does Americanism or global communism create more wealth?

The underlying economic system of Americanism is capitalism, with a heavy dose of socialism, a mixed economy for sure, but even so, it will always generate more wealth. Global communism (world communism) offers only a reduction of wealth for individuals down to the lowest common denominator.

How do I evaluate “Democratic Socialism?”

While some American university students try to preserve the heritage of their parents by creating a new type of global communism, call “Democratic Socialism,” however there is no reason to think it will work, and so far never has. But, I appreciate their effort in trying.

Since all capitalistic economies also have socialistic programs, how do we know the correct proportions?

The economies of Americanism are a mixture of both capitalism and socialism. The cost of socialism is a matter of budgets and the will of the people.

The Main Issues Exposed By the Debate

Global communism is not a political and economic system! It’s only a system of control and power for elites. That’s what I got out of this debate with myself.

It cannot support itself without the wealth generation of capitalism to pay for their programs. If it even tries, the result is human misery.

Some say, “Well, look at China!”

China needed to steal our technology and negotiate a loop-side trade arrangement with the US to survive. So, not only does global communism lose the debate, it had nothing to debate with.

Debate Conclusions

Communism, much less global communism is not a true choice for it cannot survive, much less compete with Americanism. At least, not without putting humanity into human misery and stealing technology.

My debate with myself brings up the question, “where would the new ideas for globalization come from without capitalistic entrepreneurs?”

While true, there were “state-sponsor entrepreneurs” from China and other countries who copied those in America (i.e., Jeff Bezos, Amazon), they do not have the “inventive minds” driven by the greed of capitalism.

A rather simple comparison, the case for Americanism centers on the rights of individuals, while global communism instead makes the state supreme. In other words, do we rule ourselves? Or, do we give power to an all-powerful state, as in China?

When talking with those who escaped from communists countries to immigrate to the US, they recognize our recent political events as the same political events they saw in their home country. And, are “scare” Americanism may turn into global communism.

By Wayne

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