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AI Chat Bots Political Biases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots for political subjects will naturally reflect the bias of the data searched and that of its programmers. Because the bias is unseen behind the AI user interfaces is still only propaganda.

We still have choices for AI bots for political searches, and I’d imagine that many advertisers want to advertise their goods and services to the Conservative MAGA community. If we use the bot(s) that produce fair search results, MAGA can exert its economic force to stifle totalitarian propaganda.

So, let’s join together to throttle the totalitarian propaganda by finding an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that promotes the interests of the MAGA community. Of course, I hope one day soon, the MAGA community will have its bot as part of our alternate economy.

Horizontal Table: Search engine AI bias level

Search EngineChatbotsGlobalist Bias LevelBot Results
Google SearchChatbot GPT, Baird90%Biased
Bing or EdgeNew70%New AI bot, less Biased
DuckDuckGoNone70%Search results only, less biased
GabGabby AI0%Third-party images
I am analyzing political bias in AI-powered chatbots and search engines.


What is a search engine?

Search engines are massive computer databases that regularly send out artificially intelligent spider bots to collect data from billions of websites and store the results. Then, they create a static index ready for quick searches. The major ones are Google, Yandex, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, etc.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot?

AI is a bot that responds to questions asked. Unlike in the past, today’s search engine bots can answer a simple question or even write an entire, somewhat article. Their answers are back on a database or indexed in a search engine or new storage solutions. Their answers will mimic those of a human-inspired robot.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot political bias?

AI chatbots rely on a database of information and programmers, which can help produce biased results that favor the MAGA community or the Totalitarian Democrats. Search engines are the most significant data sources, so where the bot draws its information is vital. See the above table to see what I mean.

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What is AI political search engine bias?

If the data used to train a chatbot includes discriminatory or polarizing language, the chatbot’s responses may reflect those biases. Additionally, if the chatbot interacts primarily with users who express particular political views, it may start to mirror those views in its responses.

To address this issue, it is essential to use diverse and representative data when training chatbots and regularly monitor and audit their responses to ensure they do not reflect discriminatory or harmful language. It is also essential to recognize that chatbots, like any technology, have limitations and are not a substitute for human judgment and critical thinking.

What is created is a mass psychosis, the definition and at the heart of the information war we fight to save America.

Are all Search Engines politically biased?

All search engines are politically biased. After all, their replies are based on the data allowed in a search engine, plus the bias of the artificial intelligence (AI) programmers.

For example, while the Duckduckgo search engine only gets listing from Google Search, they rank them with a less political bias toward Conservatives. Therefore, if

While Google is the 500-lb gorilla for many searches, I wouldn’t rely on it for unbiased political searches. Thankfully, there are many new Conservative political news programs and blogs.

Stack search engine ranking

Search engines purposely stack the rankings of search engines with communist-orientated articles. The higher the rankings, the more traffic.

Since the chatbots almost always get their information from high-ranking posts in search engines, vital political topics are heavily basis toward the communists.

Trending – How did this severe political search bias get started?

Does Google Search have competitors?

While the Google Baird AI chatbot will have no competitors, at least not more than it already has in the search engine business, Google (Alphabet) has been developing Google Baird for years. It will enter service on a limited basis sometime in March 2023.

Nevertheless, Microsoft (Bing) and ChatGTS have scored temporary public relations victories and caused Google to declare a code-red emergency to roll out Baird.

Furthermore, Bing has upped its webmaster portal to look like Google’s in a desperate attempt to expand their Search Engine business. I do wonder why now? Could it be that they think there is a possibility that Google could be broken up under US monopoly laws? And it smells the weakness?

However, don’t think for a moment that Google has lost control. Consider their monopoly over web browsers and use common sense for your answer.

Does Google Search have a monopoly on political topics?

Google owns the Web Search World! And for the most part, they earned it by providing super search results. Hence, we have the new worldwide phrase, “Google it!” And with this robust control of web searches, they control what the world sees.

However, the political search behaviors of Conservatives are changing; they are re-programming their behavior to use the Search Bar within Conservative-leaning social media sites instead of Google Search.

You see sites in an unrelenting fashion receive clicks (traffic) with high rankings on the first page of the search results. And it goes something like this:

Table: Traffic % according to page ranking

How does a Search Engine get its data?

In a triumph of exponential mathematics, search engines get their listing data by sending out fleets of bots that branch out geometrically to billions of websites and almost a trillion blogs. It’s hard to imagine, but they are like creepy electronic crawlers that read and grade website articles and report back.

And so, the chat box reaches out from this excellent Google index of thought, formulates an answer, and feeds it back to you. If a conservative or MAGA basis is not included, then it doesn’t get used in the answer.

What is a Search Engine Index?

A search engine index is built from spider bots that regularly crawl billions of website pages. User access is fast because the index is stored in Read Only Memory rather than disk drives. Only a colossal computer can handle the memory requirements.

Search keyword rankings within the index are complicated and supposedly based on trustworthiness and worthiness. Getting a website or page rank number one can be extremely valuable.

How did the websites of globalists rise to the top of search engine rankings?

The justification for stacking globalist websites like a pile of firewood in top positions began decades ago. As part of Operation Mockingbird, they hired the best graduating journalist from the best universities that taught Marxism—coupled with practically unlimited funding for the schools and their employers. Naturally, together they legitimately.

A 2010 graph of the convoluted political compass a few years after Operation Mockingbird (CIA) hired the best Marxist journalists from the best schools. – Image from an article in The Economist,

Some were new; sometimes, the globalists bought out the best conservative websites. A prime example is the Drudge Report, which I refuse to even link to.

Websites poured massive amounts of outside money into supposedly neutral political news and opinion until they became the best websites featuring pure communist propaganda.

Ranking by Authority: The final stab at conservative journalistic websites

When the time was right, Google modified its ranking algorithms to favor political websites with “authority.” And so, with the most funding, the best writers, and decades of linking, they achieved top ranking, leaving conservative political websites to pound sand.

Nowadays, especially with the globalist infiltration of Fox News and buying out key conservative websites, they rule almost all essential political keywords. For a conservative website to rank well, a post or website must include words Marxists wouldn’t dream of competing for.

There is no longer any pretense of neutrality. There is no question that Google is biased.

Google is deceptively silent on rankings rigging.

Under FCC rules, Section 270, Google has the right to bias. The trouble is there are a lot of conservative business owners buying ads from them. And so, they remain silent.

Instead, they rely on conservatives, not realizing the stacked sites are all biased toward communism. After all, who keeps track of the bias of hundreds of political search keywords?

Will the Google monopoly be broken up?

Undoubtedly, Google is guilty of building a monopoly that hinders competition and must be broken up. The question is whether Google respects America to submit our anti-trust laws, or will they ignore the courts? A one-world government will soon absorb America without enforcement of its anti-trust laws.

New Conservative Search engines are growing but not fast enough! That is unless they have the funding to quickly move into the Chat or Search bot space.

Speculating, the most likely successful Conservative Search Engine competition may come from Twitter 2.0 under the command of Elon Musk. I say this because Elon must re-make Twitter to remain competitive; his other businesses already have considerable experience designing chatbots and databases for their products.

Rumble video sharing sues in District Court against Google for anti-trust violations.

This an interesting case as the District Court in California has accepted the case and already refused Google’s motion to dismiss Discovery Rights. This is unusual as Google lawyers typically get what they want.

Remember that this Discovery will be limited to anti-trust violations against Rumble. It is not a class-action suit yet.

What’s also interesting is that Rumble has an essential app in the Google Play Store. And so they may risk getting it canceled for suing Google. This a brave move by Rumble!

While there are other search engines, they all run on globalist-friendly database indexes and get their info from Google Search. At the same time, Facebook does its own thing in collecting its users’ profile information.

Regarding specifics, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Brave Search, etc., all have special permission to share Google Search data. And maybe to placate Conservative users, except for sensitive keywords, they go easier on the partisan ranking.

No, not illegal partisanship!

Google Search and the family of so-called “independent” search engines currently have the right to partisan rankings of globalist websites and articles. Let’s refrain from calling them a conspiracy because private companies are legally allowed to stack search rankings in favor of Marxist websites.

While Conservatives wait for control of Congress to upgrade the laws concerning Search Engines or Public Squares, let’s put Conservatives and friends to work doing what they do best—competing for the business!

All signs have pointed to an eventual AI front end for information because most people don’t like to do their research. And so, intelligent people from several companies teaming with true entrepreneurs have produced the goods. And, the world will never look back, except in the History of Search.

How does the ChatGPT AI Work?

ChatCPT was not the first AI-powered search interface but the first to gain widespread attention. Here is an excellent article about how ChatGPT works.

Information from Conservative blogs appears in Bing’s new AI results.

This blog makes the case that Bing is using Chatbot GTP to beat Google Search to the AI Search bot business. Meanwhile, Google has moved ahead, introducing their Bard AI Search bot front end.

Bing wakes up Google Search to the unusual, which is competition.

The Bink AI chatbot interface pulls data from many sources; much comes from the Bing search engine. But how can this be? After all, Microsoft owns Bing, and I thought Microsoft and Google were both Globalist companies!

In any case, look for future political bias to become more complicated, as they are displayed according to an additional possible source of bias: an AI user algorithm interface and the underlying search engine data.

Today’s most straightforward solution to avoiding bias in political searches for Conservatives

I am dividing searches between Conservative and Google. Because searching the social media or video sharing of large Conservative sites will yield about anything you want to know. However, I’d stick to Google Search for academic lookups or references.

Although I find Conservative news organizations feeding off original investigative journalism, creating an information wall, the Globalist media doesn’t care because they seldom visit.

Since you are probably already a member of a Conservative social media or video-sharing platform, why not park right there and use their Search Bar for your politically Conservative searches?

1. Use conservative social media sites for political news and opinions

  • instruct all conservatives to get their news from conservative social media sites.
  • Inform them that all the search engines, including DuckDuckGo and Bing, are compromised.
  • Get their political opinion editorials from the search bar on each site.
  • Let conservatives and everyone else (including illegal immigrants) know what we’re doing and why.

2. Boycott any company that advertises on prominent search engines.

  • Get a clue they all do business globally.
  • Let them know why you’re boycotting them by each conservative sending them a message.
  • Raise the ranking order on news feeds by conservative social media profiles that don’t advertise on the big search engines.

3. Meanwhile, continue to build a super infostructure for a bigger platform for future service.

  • Build a conservative-based metaverse. This action is a must! Nothing else may matter!
  • For God-sake! Respectively, interconnect profiles between all conservative social-media sites. Convince stockholders to become stakeholders where they move on their loyalties from their pocketbooks to saving America.
  • Build the conservative metaverse and privacy smartphone now!


My top-level viewpoint on political search engine bias is that it occurs. Furthermore, the search engines played games while the politicians got rich because we failed in our stewardship of America.

We must regain control, which seems unlikely, or stop using them altogether. After which, we rebuild an even better America.

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