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More About Me

Welcome to those who followed the link to find out more! In most cases, I am flattered. I’ll continue on with more about myself so you know more about whose stories you’re reading.

As much as many of us would like to think we are our own person, and not a product of our upbringing. It’s not true.

Middle-Class Upbringing

If you don’t mind, I’ll leave out most of my childhood, etc. A lower-middle-class family in Southern California was my home until 18 years old arrived. And that I didn’t even realize it was dysfunctional until decades later. I am the oldest child of five and, therefore, a kind of the leader of the dysfunctionality, which explains my ability to come up with warped but accurate observations.

US Military Army, Infantry Soldier

To begin, so you know, I’ve always been prone to think conservatively yet act seemingly crazy. For example, I’ve enlisted as a US Military infantry soldier and later turned down a commission via attending Officer Candidate School. Because quickly, I’d seen enough about its leadership which cared nothing for America or me.

Vietnam, Los Angeles, to Colorado, Costa Rica

While I haven’t seen the world, I’ve lived in enough places. I was never a good tourist; instead, I preferred to live there. Often, I didn’t know when to leave. And that included two years in the US Army Infantry, with a one-year physically torturous tour in the Vietnam (Police Action) War.

Upon my return, I stayed with my parents, who were happy to have me for a few months. Then, I took off with everything I owned stuffed into a 1972 yellow Volkswagon Beetle. I was off to seek my fame and fortune.

Out of money and gas

Out of money, gas, and hunger in Colorado, I found a wallet lying on the road with a couple of hundred bucks. It was the closest thing to a sign from God about where I was supposed to settle.

After a year of various positions, I finally got a decent one in downtown Denver, Colorado working for Western Union. I worked myself up from an assistant booking clerk to a Senior Sales Representative.

Again, God helps me.

Frankly, after I found that money lying in a street in Denver, Colorado, I thought God had done enough. But, fortunately, he wasn’t done helping. For some reason, he wanted me in there.

Western Union Money Order Office Job

I got a job as a bookkeeping assistant at Western Union Money Orders. Where my main qualifications were my young, good looks, and innate ability to swat dead cockroaches that snuck in from the restaurant on the other side of the wall.

That was also a time before I started smoking week when my math skills worked exceedingly well. An ability that I have since all but lost.

Anyway, all eight of the other people in the department were lonely, bored women. But, I was so engrossed in getting Western Union’s 12 checking accounts balanced I hardly noticed them, except when a cockroach appeared.

Time to strike out on my own

For three nights, I didn’t sleep because I was worried about leaving my cushy $1200 a month job and striking out on my own. On the third day, my new boss fired me. So, the decision was made for me.

And so, I set out to make a living on my own. With my creed, no success means I go hungry.

Frankly, even after a year of fighting in Vietnam, I was still scared. But, I had some hard feelings about how badly Western Union was treating their customers. And I was on a mission to help them.

Later I realized that there is no better attitude for success in business. All I had to do is start a million-dollar business with about $600 in my pocket.

The good life in a middle-class bedroom community in Colorado, I picked up, sold, and moved everything to spend a few years in Costa Rica. Ok, the plan changed, and I’ve been here since 1999.

And so, it’s no stretch to think I’m prone to stop short of success and run the other way. All I can say is that I’ve had a great life whatever I did.

Therefore, I am not afraid of the political dark shadows or change upon us. Even though I am too old to learn many new tricks, I will be dawning a pair of computer goggles and disappearing into the internet to tell you what I find.

Though geared for more mature people, the younger generation is already there. We don’t realize it!

Moving permanently to Latin America

Finally, I can explore my hidden recklessness. Sorry though, I am no longer giving you much detail. You know, the censorship and labeling of patriots as “domestic terrorists”, etc.

Let’s just say, I was flying high. Thought I was really something. And, lost it all. Worse, too old to start over. Even though, I gladly would if I could.

But, I’m still here since 1999, and people tell me my life is interesting.

If they say so, but tourists of all ages to my town are all interested in how I live and if I’m happy. In case you’re wondering, I am extremely happy! And, I’ll tell you why.

My usual seems to interest many people.

There are so many ways never to leave a home that I thought I would reach out and tell you about my daily adventures. While typical for me after all these years, you will probably find them, and my warped take, different and hopefully amusing, especially with an American living in a foreign country.

Here is the unusual part: I will tell you more about me, my daily trips around town, and my life as an American expatriate living in Latin America.

People tell me I’m different from most, and the seeming simplicity and what I make of it give me such clear political perspectives. Be patient. We’ll see how it goes.

After binge-watching nine seasons of “The Jerry Seinfeld Show.” Since this mega-blockbuster TV series was about nothing, I’ve learned that some enjoy the comfort of “nothing” to avoid uncomfortable efforts to think. I can deliver at least that level of entertainment.