GoBeyondo.com is a digest of my political feeds on my social media newsfeeds. That’s all I really know.

Drawing back, I am beginning to realize that both of us are floating within a matrix that’s inside of a global matrix. And, importantly, this cannot continue, as we are already being artificial intelligence.

And no, we are not in control. Runaway algorithms are already dividing us and pitting us against each other by creating artificial realities.

We are literally floating in our own individual matrix, within a global world of other floating individuals. All the while, demonstrating to our AI masters our preferences.

In this way, they get more attention and make more money.

The end result is a feedback loop that reinforces our preferences with the most outrageous conspiracies and divides us even more. Not only as groups but as individuals.

I am reaching out in the only way I know to nearby social media bubbles containing human forms. I hope that one day my message will be understood by at least one other human being trapped in this social experiment call social media.

Let’s connect, and get out together!

Sorry though! At this point, my only solution is general awareness. But yet, it could be the only needed answer.

So, I take my task of reaching out to you as important. Trust me. I am not smart enough to figure out the answer myself.

Who I Think I Am

I’m an older gent from a middle-class California family that served his time in the infantry in Vietnam. For work, I’ve failed far more often than I’ve succeeded, but those few successes let me retire early on a Latin American surfing beach.

Politically, I am straight down the line constitutional conservative. And, I can promise you I only owe allegiance to God, my family, and my country.

Like many others, maybe you too, I have a knack for seeing the political future and correctly connecting more dots than most. And yes, I did pick Donald Trump as the next president in mid-2015.

I consider myself an opinion journalist, as I transform disjointed, chaotic political news into my single reality.

Unusually Suited to Know

What’s unusual about me is that I paid no attention to political news for about 20 years. So when considering “who’s is brainwashed by the news” comes up, I can honestly say, ‘It’s not me!’

And so, as a newborn political news baby, I looked around in 2015, and easily decided that it is the Democrats pulling the scam against the Republican. And, now they are threatening the existence of America.

Reaching Out

For, if you don’t tell me and we don’t discuss our predicament, we’ll never appreciate others tricked us into simultaneously creating our own social media bubbles, crawling into them, and connecting our life support tubes within the bubbles. And so, we desperately need to talk through why we’re so divided before we become irrelevant inside the matrix.

From the comfort of our bubbles, an addiction to our smartphones and computers may not sound so bad. But, our eyes are closed with feeding tubes hanging out!

If you’re happy with that, and some are, then so be it. But, the label I put on this attitude is virtual suicide. Or, maybe your happy letting your image shape become a computer, like in the matrix.

Maybe, you think by now that I want us to throw away our computers? But, that’s not it! But, here I want to explore how to use these mighty and small tools to enhance our existence.

I am trying to connect with you and hopefully many others to help us together evolve by first realizing the negative things computers do to us, AND focus on the positive things computers can do for us.

You see, we are all now addicts to money, attention, and pleasure. And so, computers have become our lives, not tools for better living.

Oh! And who doesn’t allow their kids to use computers? The CEOs of computer technology companies!

It’s All About Attention and Sugar

We need to acknowledge that big tech competes for our hours of attention, so they can sell advertising. And, they will follow our social media habits anywhere to keep us online by reinforcing our beliefs by presenting the most outlandish info.

Because that’s where our attention gravitates in our minds “race to the bottom” using “rabbit holes.” Heck, just the realization of this leads to serious questions about everyone’s even most deep-seated political beliefs.


Once either of us indicates a preference for political party viewpoints, “big search” or social media just feeds us more and more, creating a cycle, or a “race to the bottom.”

Realize that if either of us traded smartphones with the opposite political side to analyze our feeds, each would wonder what planet they lived on! That’s what the algorithms do! And so, it’s not them that divides us. It’s a cycle that’s driven by their need for our attention to sell stuff and our inattention to what’s happening.

You’ll find that throughout this site. I blame our inattention to many of the problems preventing the American Dream from evolving, and it must evolve. Or, technology will indeed make us irrelevant.