Opinion journalist, Wayne, at the beach gaining perspective through nature's beauty.

My Experience Writing Opinion Editorials

My experience doing political commentating over the last 6-years while researching intensively puts me in a unique position. I see the dangerous and useless propaganda of old stream media and have learned to ignore it. Instead, I use my firm base of conservative beliefs as my guide.

While many others do the same, it’s not the same unless you have the time and space to consider, and strive to write clearly about it every day. Here, I share my thoughts as only as an alternative or a guide.

My Unique Methods

Readers can expect opinions that offer consolidated insights on current political events beyond those found anywhere else. And, I do it in a unique way so you better understand them.

Unlike any other political news source in America, I first write a foundational article on an important subject. Then, interpret the news according to that article.

Importantly, I add the gist of the news back into the foundational article. And, split it up when too large to start new foundational articles.

It’s a lot of work, but I figure the time of 10s of thousands of readers is worth it, including yours.

Information Sources

The information used is from a variety of conservative news sources who I’ve learned to trust by confirming some with my own eyes, and others with journalists.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve grown more sure that old stream media and their associate websites are pure propaganda. So, I give them no attention in my editorial opinion research.

Sources of Funding

Writing for this site is an act of love for America. It does not receive any funding. And I don’t receive any compensation of any kind.