All I ever want is for readers to think, ‘I’m glad he wrote this!’ And that you somehow understand the world a little better.

I tell you my version of the truth because it needs to be told. Things will not automatically work themselves out in America.

This blogroll is my attempt to motivate people to get personally involved, especially on a local level, to re-start conservative values. It’s the only way to begin the long road back to a democratic republic.

I’m a patriot who has earned his wisdom on communism through serving our country as an infantryman in the US Army during the Vietnam war, decades of experience living in communist republics, and years of writing about the steady erosion of the US Constitution.

I do feel bad for the lost souls who get caught up falling for the misleading lies of communism, now called “The Great Reset.” And then agree to lie for them! For nothing good can happen to people who lie to get what they want.

Especially compared to the promises of the American Dream. Yes, it’s still alive! But, we have a lot of work to do to revive it — and make it better.

We’ve let ourselves down by not paying more attention to the health of our Republic. We should have insisted on the breakup of monopolies and rallied against the brainwashing of our youth. So many mistakes we made! We messed up!

But, America is back!

I aggregate political news and history into themes that tell more of the whole story. People say I gather respect for my work because they so often logically lead to the future.

Timely aggregation and integration of the most important news add depth and timeliness. In this way, you read recent US political news in context.

Join my vision of a shiny future still possible in America.