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Abandoned Laptop of Hunter Biden

An amazing story of drug addiction and the unveiling of political corruption at the highest level. Yet, nothing happens!

The abandoned laptop of Biden Hunter contained damning photos and emails that confirmed his drug addiction and sexual perversion. Just the fact that he never picks up the computer tells you how messed up he was!

Even so, he continued fulfilling his responsibility of turning the political power of Vice President Joe Biden into large profits for himself, Joe, and most family members. In other words, the Bidens sold out America, and now Joe thinks he’s about to become President!

This abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden should trigger the collapse of Joe Biden’s candidacy, but won’t. For the mainstream media, big tech, etc. are not telling their viewers about the story, and the FBI won’t do anything either until after the election, if at all.

The one abandon laptop computer speaks to how America is already overrun with global communists. For even our FBI is apparently corrupted, as they did nothing with a copy of the hard drive for almost a year! Now with Joe Biden at the doorstep of the US presidency, we still only hear “crickets” from the FBI!

Hunter Biden Takes His Laptop for Repairs

Allegedly, Hunter Biden brought his personal computer to a repair shop in Delaware, some years ago. The owner of the shop only says, “some liquid spilled on it.” Anyway, Hunter’s signature is on the Repair Order.

Above a sound recording of the “battering” of the shop owner by a biased, left-wing press trying to disprove his story (52 minutes).

So, I’m guessing coffee or a beer got spilled into the keyboard. A frequent accident that ruins the laptop’s motherboard, replacing it often costs more than buying a new one.

Maybe it’s the reason he let it die there? But, there is got to be more, for the info on the laptop is so damaging to Hunter and his father. So much so that Joe Biden, whether he realizes it or not, is compromised by several countries.

Anyway, even after repeated phone calls and leaving messages for Hunter to pick up his laptop, the repair shop owner could never reach him. And so, the owner “took a peek” of its hard drive to see how important the data. Once he looked, he knew he had to tell someone.

My personal experience as an owner of a computer repair business.

I once owned and worked at a computer repair business some 15 years ago, and so I can tell you how an abandoned computer is treated. The shop’s standard practice was to take a peek on the hard drive after 90 days, according to law.

In fact, once I found a hard drive full of irreplaceable family photos on an abandoned laptop. But, due to my persistence and a little luck, I found the owner who gratefully picked up their valuable computer.

Ownership of the abandoned Hunter Biden’s laptop automatically transferred by law to the shop owner after 90 days.

The law in Delaware says ownership of the laptop is automatically transferred to the computer repair store if not claimed within 90 days. And so, the shop owner was within his rights to give the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop to the FBI and Rudy Giuliani.

Abandoned Laptop of Hunter Biden: Image of Hard Drive Finds Its Way to Rudy Giuliani.

The publicity of Rudy Giuliani’s investigation of Joe Biden led the shop owner to contact him. Because, apparently, the FBI was not going to do anything!

Rudy Giuliani was doing only partially relevant special investigation work for President Trump. And, when he read the hard disk, he knew he had a smoking gun.

For nearly two years, Giuliani had been working on behalf of Trump to dig up information that could be damaging to Biden’s presidential campaign. Much of the effort has focused on finding a link between the former vice president’s work in Ukraine and Hunter Biden’s dealings with Burisma.

New York Post, By Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge, “Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of the family with Chinese firm”

And so, I’m pretty sure that it was seeing Hunter having sex with children that caused him to contact the FBI, and later Rudy Guiliani.

Why did the FBI coverup the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Giving the FBI the benefit of the doubt, maybe they never followed up, but there was no crime or the Biden family was too powerful. One thing we’ve all noticed for the last few years is that Democrats are never punished for anything!

Or, maybe the FBI thought the emails and photos on the hard drive were Russian misinformation. Otherwise, our FBI is now totally on the “dark” side. Here is a considered opinion at the National File.

Hunter Biden’s cocaine addiction

My guess is that the crack addiction of Hunter Biden lead to carelessly letting his broken laptop fall into the hands of the repair shop owner.

In the news for years, Hunter was even kicked out of the Navy for his cocaine addiction. And so, it’s possible or likely that Hunter was too high to remember to pick up his laptop.

Personal experience: Decades ago, I arrived early in the morning at the hotel business meeting room. Where one of the salesmen had borrowed the manager’s rental car that night but got so drunk he forgot where he parked it. Reminds me of Hunter. Did he just forget where he put it?

What is the response from the Joe Biden campaign about the Hunter hard drive?

As you might expect, they called the emails from the disk drive “debunked conspiracy theories.” And accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russians to spin the contents. Their reaction is not surprising!


Now more corruption information is coming out that I can process. Sometimes, I just sit and stare at the wall.

I can only imagine what you are feeling. And so, I renew my efforts to wrap the news in my research and opinions, making it easier for you to understand.

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