A Conservative’s Rules of Political Engagement Against Marxist Oligarchy

The Marxist already have their published rules. Now conservatives have theirs!


My rules for political engagement against the invading Marxists are extreme. But, they are no more extreme than those used against us! A good thing since both sides are playing for keeps.

A conservative’s rules of engagement against a Marxist Oligarchy takeover is an itemized list of ways to take back America.

The history of Marxist revolutions tells us during the later stages of a Marxist takeover their promises of unity quickly fall aside, and their opponents are violently punished. Please consider these rules of conservative political engagement before it’s too late!

Also, the times and circumstances of their revolution in America may be demanding a slightly modified strategy of passive violence. So, keep an eye out for the momentum of suspicious catastrophes. In any case, the Marxist must be stopped.

And, for the record, there is no such thing as a “Democratic Marxist.”

The Rules of Engagement Against the Marxist Oligarchy

A video to remind us who we’re pitted against.

1. Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

Appear too big and strong to defeat (and you are). Tout the power of states as the legitimate source of power to rebel against federal tyranny. Our constitution was designed from the ground up to repeal it!

2. Encourage Everyone to Turn Off Cable News and Google Search.

Maybe their biggest weapon of the Marxist is the ability to create false realities via mass media, meaning brainwashing. They accomplished this feat through cable news and Google Search ranking preference of their bought off left-wing websites.

Google chimes in as a leader of the Marxist movement. They constantly and increasingly modifying their search ranking algorithms. In order to favor websites taken over by Marxism.

It’s time to move your attention to conservative platforms and getting back to conservative-style living.

3. Convert people to using conservative social media platforms.

Shh! Don’t tell them that the conservative social media sites are growing like crazy! Because time is on our side, as our grassroots grow in power and states exert their constitutional power.

4. Make the Marxist Oligarchy live up to Constitutional ideals.

Soon they’ll try to dump the US Constitution. Obama once referred to it as only a useful guide. In the meantime, they use it to try to govern.

And so, make them live up to every rule and expectation. It doesn’t matter if we have no Federal way of enforcing. Keep pushing anyways!

While simultaneously passing state Sanctuary Laws!

5. Ridicule is the most potent weapon against the Marxists Oligarchy.

Effective ridicule takes more knowledge than you think! If your audience doesn’t understand you are open to counter-ridicule. Also, if not ridicule told on a conservative social media platform, you can get censored and lose control of the narrative.

6. A good tactic is one your people enjoy.

Humor keeps up our morale while it demoralizes the Marxists. Keep playing your patriotic music. Keep your online comments fun and informative.

7. An opinion attack that continues too long becomes a drag.

Since the Marxist Oligarchy has so much control at the moment, they are responsible for everything that goes wrong. So far, as expected, everything they’ve done is a disaster!

There is easily enough daily material to keep attacks fresh.

While repeating attacks on Marxism is effective. Too much is a drag! There are lots of attack vectors to keep them fresh!

8. Keep the pressure on. Never Give Up.

Their 4-year attack on Former President Trump is a perfect example of how to keep the pressure on. The first one to give up loses. If you never give up, you never lose. Keep the pressure on because eventually, your message gets through.

9. Threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

As long as we don’t get violent and move through political and cultural space and time intact, the more likely the threat of a Marxist Oligarchy fizzles. Time is on our side. Every day the Populist Movement gets stronger, and the Marxist Oligarchy weaker.

Act as you’ve already won! Because you have!

10. The major premise for tactics is maintain a constant pressure upon the Marxist Oligarchy.

Just like the Marxist Oligarchy did to Trump while he was President. We must always have another tactic in waiting for the next. Never give them a chance to come up for air.

11. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

The Maoist Oligarch moves with one unified voice of daily keywords. We must begin setting up silos to divide them. This is done by cutting off their support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Make it unpopular for them to associate with their friends.

Patriots must develop this ability to divide the Marxist Oligarchy by further developing our own conservative media, and using our economic power to boycott their corporate oligarchy. Don’t buy American, buy conservative America!

For example

A Democrat Congressman was a member of an all-white beach club in Rode Island. The conservative story is true, but he transferred his membership years ago.

But, who cares!

Maybe he’s telling the truth. That’s up to him to fumble about and explain. In the meantime, any Democrat catering to Black Lives Matter is now reluctant to associate with him.

See what I mean, this is how we divide them.

Not really a mean thing to do! Investigative Journalism is a respected profession. Besides we have a country to reclaim!

12. Keep your emotions under control and thoughts peaceful.

Remember that the Marxist Oligarchy has control of much of the media. Importantly, they control the Department of Justice and FBI, and so file papers to seize websites.

Note: Seizing a website is different than de-hosting.

If you thought because you were safe because you have a website you’d be safe, you’d be wrong!

13. Prep for the Worst

Expect the national news to stay bad, but remain hopeful. Nevertheless, prepping is obviously a good idea because the Marxist Oligarchy has absolutely no intention to back down! And, neither do the Patriots!

Just in case the worst happens, it’s a good idea to stock up on essentials and plan for a siege on your lifestyle or life.

Therefore we are likely bound for a “hot” situation.

Rules adapted from the book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.


I am looking straight into the eyes of what I fear most. The beast of the Marxist or Maoism Oligarchy! Contrary to what we’re told, it’s the biggest threat to America and the world!

It’s a beast that feeds on our fears while stoking them.

The idea that an elite group should rule over people must be stamped out forever. It starts with election integrity reform and breaking up big tech. And, unfortunately, “Time is of the Essence.”

This time the enemy is within our gates! Now is the time to decide if America is worth saving.


By Wayne

I am an Op-Ed writer and commentaries specializing in America's conservative political issues for over 6 years. I am truly am an independent journalist as I receive no outside funding or commissions. I am driven by the need for everyone to understand the daily news in context.