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The social media website list for January 2022 from That includes main interests and if available the political leaning of each, so you don’t waste your time trying to socialize in a social media website loaded with people living in an alternate reality.

Note the “Site Name” and “Number of Visitors” come for the authority while the “Political Leaning” column is my own opinion.

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Parler Begins Conservative Social Media

Parler is at the beginning of the rush for large Conservative social media sites. It was founded by a rich Conservative investor and others, plus one famous one, named Dan Bongino. Although we don’t hear much about Parler anymore, there is a lot of news coming out of their sister website. Rumble video sharing which recently went public.

What is Social Media Website?

The point is that not every political site is “social media” just because one can leave comments. No more than we can call everything we eat just “food”. Ok, I guess we could but wouldn’t we all sound like Tarzan?

Today’s website structure of social media websites is driven by a commonality of purpose. In a few words, they are designed to attract like-minded members who join their internal groups to discuss shared interests. And some, encourage those with opposite views to also join. Which makes for more lively discussions, especially political.

You can easily identify a social media website because on the Home pages, in big letters, they always ask you to sign up. After logging in the lines of what is a true social media site get blurry. The challenge is separating “true social” media from chats with their “chat rooms”. And, do chat rooms really substitute for groups, like Gab Chat or Telegram.

For me, I think the answer is yes. Then, we must consider chats sites a subset of the umbrella term social media. And, that’s exactly what the big listing sites, like have done. For example, look at how they have included them in this list of platforms or sites.

Mistakes in definitions of social media terminology

While most would agree that on a platform like Rumble Video-Sharing there is a lot of comments. However, it is a one-way communication about a particular video. And so, Rumble is not a social media platform.

Even Frank Speech or Infowars for that matter are not social media sites. Although, I do believe Infowar’s new classes on how to fight back against the “Great Reset” will provide its first real social media.

Then, what? Do we begin calling the whole Infowars a social media site? Just making a point because, in reality, his new classrooms will be on a separate site.

Since social media is such a definite thing, I guess we should call his business a talk show with social media. Because there is no single word to describe both.

Pre-made social media websites?

There are entrepreneurial social media websites development companies like Zing and Ning. They are examples of real social media developers that have been perfecting layouts for decades. For this reason, they often look so similar.

But, the missing sauce in all of this is the ability to develop a sense of community and goodwill that goes viral. And, that’s a talent that escapes all but the most professionally managed and financed. In other words, the owners of pre-made social media websites do it as a hobby, not a business.

Nevertheless, traffic on the top 20 ranked conservative social media sites skyrockets!

Even though not technically social media websites, these sites dominate the marketplace and the rankings. I would call them platforms because so often they have several additional features, mainly streaming or live TV capabilities.

For example, the traffic on conservative social media sites, Telegram Messenger’s (A chat app), traffic volume has been in the stratosphere for some time now! And, GETTR just became the fastest-growing site in history! And, Rumble Video-Sharing service had their traffic go up 10 fold last year!

Meanwhile, I’m concerned about the venerable nature of their upper management politics, IT infrastructure, and their susceptibility to Cancel Culture. In fact, I write a lot about these concerns in another post.

Why smaller Conservative social media sites may suddenly become critical.

Getting back to the smaller social media sites, if super-sized ones somehow get de-hosted, the smaller ones could become critical. And, I doubt if we miss much as we huddle into comfortable smaller information tunnels of Conservative conversations.

The awful Globalists are trying to shut down the largest conservative social media sites right now. Infowars, The War Room with Steve Bannon, etc. are all under intense legal pressure to shut down. And, it’s not a question of if, but when.

Examples of New World Order efforts to censor us even more!

Recently, a German Minster expressed shock after browsing through the anti-Globalists messages that have taken over Telegram Messenger. And so, he demanded the immediate takedown of this Russian-based social media (chat) app.

Next, we find the CEO of GETTR tip-toeing around the European Union headquarters while wondering if someone would arrest him. And, the feds again trying to dig up dirt on Trump’s Truth Social foray into the internet world.

And, the pre-packaged social media websites are ready!

While I don’t know how far down the list of social media sites Cancel Culture can cancel, it will be some. Because right now the Globalists have two problems: election audits and free speech.

In a stroke of luck perhaps, but the pre-packaged website business as a whole, has some terrific, professional offerings. I’m not trying to sell anything here, just telling you what I see. Pay $400 to $500 dollars per year, and even a novice has a really nice site ready for business. The providers had decades to hone their services, and their time may have arrived.

The future of Conservative Social Media may be personalization, not largeness!

For now, too many of the smaller, pre-packaged social media owners (renters) dream of millions of active users, like Zuckerberg or Meta (Facebook). But, that’s nowhere their head should be. Its focuses on establishing itself as an online community for its users.

To do this they need to feel they gain something for their time and effort. And, joining a small social media should be like moving into a small town where users get to know each other. I can only hope the owners of some of these smaller social media sites understand what I’m saying.

As a backup, they can read the same by the conservative social media hosting experts. Because they will say the same thing.

The need to connect Conservative Social Media users under a common, secure messaging protocol.

So unstoppable and censor-proof would be a conservative social media universe connected by a common messaging protocol. In other words, as the big platforms get canceled, the users and all their data get automatically switched to another.

And, that brings us to the obvious end-game solution for Conservatives in case all hell breaks loose. Which is entirely possible!

Blockchain security and a Conservative digital currency

Just a dream? Not necessarily, especially with the introduction of conservative blockchain messaging platforms like Sovren Social media. In my humble opinion, that’s where the future lies.

And, as an extra bonus, it could even allow Conservatives to establish their own digital currency. A bonus not so far out there as one might think, given the level of the political discourse of today.

Meanwhile… How to grow your social media traffic and rise to the top 20 list.

Number one, get famous with a billion dollars worth of free publicity! Then, get ready to offer your very life to save America. Or, a seldom discussed but worthy plan is to start a social media site about your favorite hobby or interest to first get traffic.

You won’t make my top 20 list or save America, immediately at least.

Success in internet marketing begins with getting a lot of traffic. And, I mean much more than a couple of thousand visitors per month!

And, I’m guessing that you want to contribute to saving America however you can’t do much without active subscribers. To this I can only say, make sure you get the traffic. Otherwise, you can’t help anything!

In summary

America may soon be counting on you and your success sooner than you realize. And so, make sure your social media site is ready to provide an online shelter for those wanting to socialize with each other.

By Team Go Beyondo

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