Conservative Social Media | 60 Sites for Jan 2022 | Best 20 Ranked

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Conservative social media sites or platforms ranked by the number of visitors and time online. As downloaded from the database on January 1st, 2022.

Followed by even more also popular conservative social media sites that also fit the true definition. Furthermore, I hope you enjoy its easy-to-read format, including the ability to re-order the list by clicking any column header.

Definition: Conservative social media sites are the essence of the values espoused by the US Constitution. Specifically, “we the people” are in charge of our government and everyone has the same right to life, liberty, and justice.

Furthermore, they represent the majority in the US, if not the world. And, on the political compass Conservative political thinking is just right of center.

Social Media Site Name & LinkMonthly Visits
(M= Million)
Avg. Duration
Telegram Chat162.82M7m47s
MeWe 9.52M8m39s
Frank Speech2.24M4m2s
Truth Social1.9M1m22s
Right Only227.21K7m8s
US Life204.36K4m42s
WT Social106.35K3m2s
Brighton Social86.25K3m30s
Diaspora Foundation81.41K53s
Free Talk66.24K1m56s
MAGA Book<50K2m14s
Think Spot99.59K1m51s

Next, let’s move on to the next section of conservative social media sites. Maybe not as popular, but together important nevertheless. Because they help form the distributed structure of the Conservative social media world, therefore giving it more resilience from Cancel Culture.

More Popular Conservative Social Media Sites

Since only shows the most trafficked websites, I include more where you may find the Conservative social media that fits you. Note: these sites fit the more accurate definition of true social media versus a blog site.

Does Cancel Culture have any Conservative hosts?

Cancel Culture is a behind-the-scenes, left-wing organization that tries to put Conservative businesses out of business. In the case of the Conservative Social Media website, it usually tries to convince its website hosting service to find a reason and do it.

Will Conservative social media viewership ever exceed mainstream media?

When only considering political social media within the US, many say it already has in some ways. One thing is for sure though, Conservative social media has the momentum. However, internationally it has a long way to go.

What is Social media?

Social media is where users can divide into groups, pick their topics, and talk among themselves. On the other hand, for example, a video-sharing service ( shares a video and the commentators are expected to stay on topic.

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